27 Verbs to Use for the Word sojourn

As Berlin, too, retained the manuscript of his other opera, there was reason enough for him to end his Parisian sojourn and return to his native country.

Resolutely she turned her face to the East and began her long sojourn in the Desert of Waiting.

For the wise Don would let us take nought that might betray our sojourn in Spain, making us even change our boots for wooden sandals, he himself being arrayed

With each change after that (except for another and briefer sojourn in Southampton Buildings in 1830), Lamb's home became less urban.

The altar tomb of Sir Thomas Bonham has his effigy in a pilgrim's robe which is said to commemorate that knight's seven years' sojourn in Palestine.

Mahomet tried earnestly to win over and conciliate the Meccans during this meagre three days' sojourn, but his task was beyond the power even of his magnificent energy.

you will say), any inquiries respecting either the antecedents or subsequent history of the house in which we made so disturbed a sojourn.

They were well supplied with a bountiful luncheon by Aunt Linda, who had so thoroughly enjoyed their sojourn with her.

Indeed, Florence would not have found her sojourn at Brussels to be unpleasant were it not for Mr. Anderson's unpalatable little whispers.

She does not knowafter the sojourn in Brussels she does not yet knowthat her right medium is prose.

In June, 1763, he quitted it finally for Bagnères; whence after a short, and, as we subsequently learn, a disappointed, sojourn, he passed on to Marseilles, and later to Aix, for both of which places he expressed dislike; and by October he had gone again into winter quarters at Montpellier, where "my wife and daughter," he writes, "purpose to stay at least a year behind me."

There are many memorial tablets erected by wives to their husbands, and husbands to their wives, which leads to much speculation as to how these ladies, high-born Roman, native Briton, or freed-woman, liked their sojourn in a small garrison town on the breezy heights of a Northumbrian moorland.

When it became known to the natives that we intended to remain with them, several chiefs came and offered us their protection; and each would have built us a house, but we preferred making our sojourn at the Bay of Islands.

For in that particular October Patricia's father, an accommodating physician having declared old Roger Stapylton's health to necessitate a Southern sojourn, leased the Bellingham mansion in Lichfield.

It needs but a few days' sojourn in an Eastern city by a Western man to realize how sublimely ignorant the New Englander is concerning at least three-fourths of his native land.

The legal situation continued vague, for although an act of 1788 forbade citizens to trade in slaves and another penalized the sojourn for more than two months in Massachusetts of negroes from other states, no legislation defined the status of colored residents.

We remember, as we read, his brief sojourn,that he died "in the sweet hour of prime,"and we are astonished at the eloquent wisdom displayed by a lad of twenty summers.

She would always remember this sojourn in the grove, she said; she had felt so safe!

On the 22nd of June the royal fleet set sail, and in twenty-four hours Queen Henrietta reached Dover; where she was met by her impatient consort, who, on the following day, conducted her to Canterbury; and in the course of July she made her entry into London, whence, however, she was immediately removed to Hampton Court, the prevalence of the plague in the capital rendering her sojourn there unsafe.

Who share the dark communion of the tomb, A kindred genius seeks your dread sojourn; Ye heirs of glory!

"She is serving her thirtieth sojourn in jail.

Nor was she desirous of shortening Juliet's sojourn with the Polwarths: the longer that lasted with safety, the better for Juliet, and herself too, she thought.

If possible, the wary traveller should so time his sojourn at Venice as to allow him to go to Trieste by steamer.

The French ambassador in Switzerland, who resided in Geneva, informed the authorities of that city that his government would not tolerate the queen's sojourn so near the French boundary, and demanded that she should depart.

If I have been inclined to undervalue certain things"the sojourn in Brussels", for instancewhich others have considered of the first importance, it is because I believe that it is always the inner life that counts, and that with the Brontës it supremely counted.

27 Verbs to Use for the Word  sojourn