106 Verbs to Use for the Word soles

Could he examine the soles of the boots of every man in the vicinity of Sour Creek, even if he limited his inquiry to those who were short and stocky?

"Didn't I tickle the soles of your feet?

THE BRILL.This fish resembles the sole, but is broader, and when large, is esteemed by many in a scarcely less degree than the turbot, whilst it is much cheaper.

Nosotras les servíamos de dosel y los defendíamos de los importunos rayos del sol.

I think the wisest plan is to leave the soles dry, but if snow balls on them they can be waxed with Ski wax.

He held the foot, examining the sole critically.

A workman, who formerly earned twenty-five sols a day, has at present three livres; and you give a sempstress thirty sols, instead of ten: yet meat, which was only five or six sols when wages was twenty-five, is now from fifty sols to three livres the pound, and every other article in the same or a higher proportion.

A poor tradesman was lamenting to me yesterday, that he had neglected an offer of going to live in England; and when I told him I thought he was very fortunate in having done so, as he would have been declared an emigrant, he replied, laughing, "Moi emigre qui n'ai pas un sol:"

The French are, indeed, said to be a very lively people, but we mistake their volubility for vivacity; for in their public offices, their shops, and in any transaction of business, no people on earth can be more tediousthey are slow, irregular, and loquacious; and a retail English Quaker, with all his formalities, would dispose of half his stock in less time than you can purchase a three sols stamp from a brisk French Commis.

As a matter of fact, he had kept Rack covered from the moment Rack set his boot-soles to earth.

"Look at these honds!" cried another; "Wi'n they ever be fit to go to th' factory wi' again?" Others turned up the soles of their battered shoon, to show their cut and stockingless feet.

' Krishna then seats himself by a fig tree, lays his left leg across his right thigh, turns the sole of his foot outwards and assumes one of the postures in which abstraction is practised.

'Don't cut the sole nor the frog,' I say to him.

When these outward signs are wanting, however, and the true nature of our case is a matter of mere conjecture, a positive diagnosis may still be made at a later stagethat is, when the abnormal growth of horn reaches the sole.

Skin, and carefully wash the soles, separate the meat from the bone, and divide each fillet in two pieces.

why overpay the man by a shilling? why wear down the soles of an exceedingly thin and elaborate pair of boots on the hot, hard pavement without compunction?

In this case either there is met with when paring the sole a small portion of horn, circular in form, distinctly harder than normal, and indenting in a semicircular fashion the front of the white line at the toe, or solution of continuity between the tumour and the edge of the sole and the os pedis takes place, and the lameness resulting from the ingress of dirt and grit thus allowed draws attention to the case.

I'm afraid you will whiten the soles of your boots, I mean.

They demanded an agreement "in writing" that in case any mule or mules died as a result of this foolish attempt to get up to the snow line, I should pay in gold two hundred soles for each and every mule that died.

Skin, wash, and fillet the soles, and divide each fillet in 2 pieces; lay them in cold salt and water, which bring gradually to a boil.

On removing the sole with the knife, however, a distinct black mark is discovered, which, when followed up by careful paring, is often found to have pus at the bottom.

THE ANCIENT ROMANS' ESTIMATE OF TURBOT.As this luxurious people compared soles to partridges, and sturgeons to peacocks, so they found a resemblance to the turbot in the pheasant.

I shall have to fill the soles of them full of hobnails presently.

"Such resting found the sole of unblest feet.

For his Greek I gave him St. Francis's canticle, which begins: Laudate sie, mi signore, cum tuote le tue creature, Spetialmente messer lo frate sole.

106 Verbs to Use for the Word  soles