798 Verbs to Use for the Word son

He left a son, Ben Medien, a poet, too, and his descendants still live, near Tlemcen, in a village called Feddan-es-Seba.

She proposes to send her son, Prince of ASTURIAS, to Professor CASTELAR, to study modern history.

The old man kept Tsz-lu and lodged him for the night, killed a fowl and prepared some millet, entertained him, and brought his two sons out to see him.

She had one child living, a daughter, Dorothy, who, at the time I came to Riverview, was a girl of nine, and a year after her second marriage she bore a son, who was named James, much against the wishes of his mother.

What will all the mothers think, who have lost sons on San Michele and Monte Santo?

Separating one day one said to the other: "O my brother, let us marry thy son with my daughter."

A woman came out of the earth, seized him, and demanded, "Haven't you seen my son, with an ear-ring?" "I haven't seen anybody," he answered; "but I saw a jerboa which had a ring in its ear.

Angy felt that she had been made miraculously young by the birth of this new Abrahamalmost as if at last she had been given the son for whom in her youth she had prayed with impassioned appeal.

France sent a special mission to the funeralthe old Marshal Canrobert, who took with him the marshal's son, Fabrice de MacMahon.

He hesitated no longer, but said: "Good woman, return and tell your son that I wait for him with open arms.

She did refuse, so he killed the second son.

They loved him like you loved your son.

The Father of us all has declared, "vengeance is mine; I will repay "; and since we are too late to save my son, we will not commit deeds of blood which his now happy and ransomed spirit would abhor.' Mooanam was silenced, but not convinced.

The midget got up on a barrel and called his son, who is bigger than pa, when I stepped in between them and told the midget's son if he struck my father I would have his heart's blood, and he quailed, and then I bullied the giant, who is a coward, and now they are all afraid of me.

" He started for the house and met his step-son at the porch.

Almost every family in the United States having a son in the service has received letters written on the stationery of one or other of the organizations, for together they supply abundant writing materials.

For me, I American, sir, and my name celebrate over all the world for knowing automobile like father knows his son."

He started to find the son of Keij, the Christian.

" The King asked his sons, "Who will take him back?"

He indeed hath not injured me; but his father slew my father, wherefore it is meet that I should slay that ancestor's son's son.

He then proceeded to Fort Lyon, Colorado, near which place his son-in-law, Mr. Boggs, and family, resided.

"You educated your son to your own profession, I believe, Mr. Nethercliffe?" "I did, sir; I hope there was no harm in that, Mr. Hawkins.

" The late Mr. WILLIAM COBBETT teaching his sons to shave with cold water.

" Hadifah dissembled his contempt for these verses and the sheik who had pronounced them, but he ordered his son to go at once to Cais.

I didn't know wot to make of 'im at fust, and then one o' the gals told me that 'e was a bachelor and 'adn't got no son, and that somebody 'ad been taking advantage of what she called my innercence to pull my leg.

798 Verbs to Use for the Word  son
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