489 Verbs to Use for the Word sounded

We had accomplished perhaps half the distance, when I heard again the sound of falling stones on the other sidethe side from which we had just come.

I had gone, perhaps, a hundred yards, when, suddenly, it seemed to me that I caught a faint sound, somewhere along the passage behind.

She changed colour, moved her hands nervously, was evidently overcome with shyness, but didn't utter a sound.

The majestic form of Ritter was full in sight, and I pushed rapidly on over rounded rock-bosses and pavements, my iron-shod shoes making a clanking sound, suddenly hushed now and then in rugs of bryanthus, and sedgy lake-margins soft as moss.

About halfway up the cellar, I stubbed my foot against something that gave out a metallic sound.

Gardiner, on the authority of Dr. Primatt, states that, to produce the sound it makes, the house-fly must make 320 vibrations of its wings in a second; or nearly 20,000 if it continues on the wing a minute.

Once, as we moved away, there seemed to come again a distant sound of wailing, and I said to myself that it was the windyet the evening was breathless.

"I know the sound now."

"H'm, I don't like the sound of these," he said, "they promise too much.

quoth Beltane, and stopped of a sudden, and thus above the wailing of the wind they presently heard a feeble groaning hard by, and following the sound, beheld a blotch upon the glimmering road.

"The two glasses sent out a clicking sound as we set them back on the stand.

He believes that they took the sound of the rope flying through the air for the sound of the eagle's wings.

The refrain of the stornelli was onomatopoeic, and was intended to represent the sound of gunfire.

When consciousness came back it brought the sound of Yagorsha's yarning by the fire, and the occasional laugh or grunt punctuating the eternal "Story.

And even when such a soul tries to listen and to understand, the passions surging and warring drown all sound and sense of holy things.

Voices we loved sound from those far-off lands, And thrill our hearts; life's golden sands Are dropping fast; Soon shall we meet by the river of peace, and say, As the night flees before the eye of day, So faded from our eyes the mournful past, At last.

I turned from the window, and walked once across the room, the heavy dust deadening the sound of my footsteps.

I could not even detect the sound of a footstep on the deck.

And he called their attention to the fact that the clappers of the bells of Eulogius and Eucherius were so fastened up that they could not emit a sound, while that of Euschemon vibrated freely.

It was a clear, high music, and though the voice was light it carried the sound far.

" After that for a little time there was no sound, save the sound of the rain, and, now and then, the soft sigh that escaped Marjorie's lips.

Either the present deity we hear, Or he of the third heaven hath left his sphere, And through the bosom's pure and warbling wells, Breathes tenderly his smoothed oracles; Breathes tenderly, and so with easy rounds Teaches our mortal hearts to bear immortal sounds.

Take my advice, and when we fly to ground, With laxatives preserve your body sound, And purge the peccant humours that abound.

THE TRUMPETER PIGEON.From the circumstance of this bird imitating the sound of a trumpet, instead of cooing, like other pigeons, it has received its designation.

Out in the gardens rose a continuous sound.

489 Verbs to Use for the Word  sounded
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