132 Verbs to Use for the Word speakers

The first person is that which denotes the speaker or writer; as, "I Paul have written it.

"I have respected your rights, Miss Effingham, though, with a wish to prevent any violence to your tastes, I have caused sundry antediluvian paintings and engravings to be consigned to the" "Garret?" inquired Eve, so quickly as to interrupt the speaker.

Debate on choosing a speaker.

It was an awful joke," added the speaker, addressing his companions.

" The captain eyed the speaker narrowly, as though half inclined to doubt the truth of this explanation; then, apparently satisfied with the honest expression of the small boy's face, told him to get down to supper.

The air of surprise, with which Joram regarded the speaker, was certainly not affected; for the question was repeated, and in still more definite terms, before he saw fit to reply.

She turned her body in the saddle and faced the speaker, her hands tightly clenched, her cheeks white with passion and her lip curling wickedly.

He recognized the speaker as Dan Wagner, the village constable.

"But," replied the first speaker emphatically, "I would not think it my duty.

" "Have I lived to hear such sophistry from a pupil of the wise Aboniel!" exclaimed the first speaker, in generous indignation.

Fame of voice or of rhetoric will carry people a few times to hear a speaker, but they soon begin to ask, "What is he driving at?" and if this man does not stand for anything, he will be deserted.

Persons, in grammar, are modifications that distinguish the speaker, the hearer, and the person or thing merely spoken of.

Collins introduced the speaker as "a graduate from slavery, with his diploma written upon his back.

Similar shouts of applause resounded from different quarters of the spacious field, while our aetherial attendants, Gratitude and Admiration, who followed each speaker at the close of each address to different divisions of this innumerable assembly, displayed, to each division in its turn, an extensive sketch of a simple but magnificent mausoleum to the memory of Howard, in the form of an English lazaretto.

"Baw!" cried the first speaker.

"If it was beer, now" Mr. Gibbs turned and, drawing himself up to five feet three, surveyed the speaker with an offensive stare.

He hastily approached the quiet speaker, his face brightened not more by hope than by wondering admiration.

(The dash indicates a new speaker.)

"I s'pose the nigger 'lowed the Cap'n had some green-backs," observed a third speaker.

Easy to utter in academic discussions; hard, bitterly hard, to say under the eye of a cruel and overpowering tyrant whose emissaries watched the speaker from the galleries and mentally marked him down for future imprisonment, torture, exile, or worse.

" "Or in some of the secret passages or cells contrived in the thickness of the walls," rejoined the first speaker.

" Madame Delphine startled the speaker with a loud, harsh, angry laugh.

Therefore Marcus Antonius, who in the time of our fathers was considered to be the most eminent of all men alive for eloquence, a manly nature very acute and eloquent, in that one treatise which he has left behind him, says that he has seen many fluent speakers, but not one eloquent orator, in truth, he had in his mind a model of eloquence which in his mind he saw, though he could not behold it with his eyes.

I think there is a strangeness in the idea, as well as "shaking the poor like snakes from his door," which suits the speaker.

Jefferson received only four electoral votes, all from Kentucky, but his poor showing in this election was wholly due to the intricacy of the electoral system, and his party meanwhile developed so much strength that when the Third Congress met on December 2, 1793, the Republicans were strong enough to elect the speaker.

132 Verbs to Use for the Word  speakers