205 Verbs to Use for the Word spectacles

After a short interval, I again looked at the moon, and found not only its magnitude very greatly increased, but that it was beginning to present a more beautiful spectacle.

" He indicated the canoe and was satisfied when Mrs. Cartwright agreed, since he refused to wear spectacles and own his sight was going.

During a vacation, Gurameer, being on a visit to an uncle in the country, one day, when the family had gone to witness a grand spectacle in honour of an important festival in their calendar, which he could not himself attend consistently with the rules of his caste, was tempted to visit the deserted Zenana, or ladies' apartment, where he accidentally meets with a beautiful young female.

" So saying, she held out the little red mitten she was knitting, and at the same time took the spectacles off her nose and offered them to Prudy.

The six crouched and huddling Cardinals cowered revealed to one another, and at the same time enjoyed the spectacle of his Holiness darting through the stone ceiling, which yielded like a film to his passage, and closed up afterwards as if nothing had happened.

But then one can get along without florid oratory in the kitchen, and although a lady may feel highly pleased and flattered to see an unending procession of admirers file in and out of her drawing-rooms, still she has a most decided objection to seeing the same imposing spectacle in her kitchen.

During this dreadful night more than two hundred persons and three thousand cattle perished, and the morning dawn exhibited a shocking spectacle.

As he adjusted his spectacles to read it, he pathetically said: "I have not only grown gray but blind in your service."

" "He scoffed at what he termed your Holiness's absurd position, and affirmed that the world had seldom beheld, or would soon behold again, so ridiculous a spectacle as a Pope besieged by rats.

Both generals took possession of several towns; and this double expedition offered the singular spectacle of two opposing armies, acting in different interests, making conquests, and dividing an important inheritance, without the occurrence of one act of hostility to each other.

" [Illustration: FREDERICKSBURG] General Lee watched this painful spectacle from a redoubt to the right of the telegraph road, not far from his centre, where a shoulder jutting out from the ridge, and now called "Lee's Hill," afforded him a clear view of the city.

After contemplating this lovely and magnificent spectacle for about an hour, I turned to the Brahmin, and reminded him of his former promise to give me the history of his early life.

Duchemin saw him swerve from his first course and steer for a vehicle standing at some distanceevidently the conveyance which had brought the sightseers to view the spectacle of Montpellier-le-Vieux by moonlight.

The melancholy and dejected will naturally conceive us inebriated with affluence, and elated with dignity, endeavouring to remove from our eyes every spectacle of misery, and to turn aside from those lamentations which may interrupt the enjoyment of our felicity.

" My father had pushed his spectacles up from his eyes.

" "That," asserted Mr. Tutt, wiping his spectacles, "is a document worthy of preservation in the Congressional Library.

Then he produced some papers, and putting on big horn spectacles, proceeded to instruct me in them.

Which when the greisly tyrant did espie, Like a grimme lyon rushing with fierce might Out of his den, he seized greedelie 435 On the resistles pray, and, with fell spight, Under the left wing stroke his weapon slie Into his heart, that his deepe-groning spright In bloodie streames foorth fled into the aire, His bodie left the spectacle of care.

Except that Lucius donned the triumphal apparel, mounted the chariot, and performed the other rites customary in such cases, Fulvia herself seemed to be giving the spectacle, employing him as her assistant.

Who has not beheld the sad spectacle of women anxious to help, yet helpless because of their ignorance and want of training?

Had Cheynel been equal to his adversary in greatness and learning, it had not been easy to have found either a more proper opposite; for they were both, to the last degree, zealous, active, and pertinacious, and would have afforded mankind a spectacle of resolution and boldness not often to be seen.

He also produced a triumphal spectacle and had a naval battle of the captives in the strait close to Rhegium itself, so that his opponents could look on; in this combat he had wooden boats contend with others of leather, in the intention of making fun of Rufus.

It appeared to me that all the military and all the naval servants of our country were collected together, and each different division of these well-appointed and well-looking men, that formed a pleasing spectacle alone, was attended by a crowd of miscellaneous spectators, more numerous than itself: yet in all this immense multitude there was no sign of tumult or confusion.

" It took the Circus Cotton-Tails one hour and sixteen minutes to find Susan's spectacles.

The stranger turned his large spectacles upon him, and then looked blandly at me.

205 Verbs to Use for the Word  spectacles