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1131 Verbs to Use for the Word « spiriting »

1131 Verbs to Use for the Word « spiriting »

  • Kipling's dun "with the mouth of a bell and the heart of Hell and the head of the gallows-tree," could hardly have shown more spirit.
  • In the air, in the whispering of the spruce-tops, in the moon and the stars themselves, there breathed a spirit which told him that what he had heard was the wolf-cry, but that it was not the wolf call.
  • We had better take a speeder to raise our spirits.
  • Without impeaching William's merit, His head but served him for the letter, Hers miss'd the words, but kept the spirit; Her memory to her heart was debtor.
  • He had quite recovered his spirits, and offered me a dram of French brandy, which I refused.
  • Nevertheless, he was in favor of the bill, as tending to break down the accursed spirit of caste, and to disseminate throughout the South the three or more R's which he had so often had the honor of reverberating throughout the Senate.
  • We catch their restful spirit, yield to the soothing influences of the sunshine, and saunter dreamily on through flowers and bees, scarce touched by a definite thought; then suddenly we find ourselves in the shadowy cañon, closeted with Nature in one of her wildest strongholds.
  • The thought of Amanda did not serve to lift her spirits any, and it was in a rather gloomy mood that she finally descended to the breakfast table.
  • On that night the Brahmans themselves kept watch, when they saw the deva spirits which they served take the lamps and go three times round the vihâra of Buddha and present offerings.
  • Among the women actually employed, I have found without exception a fine spirit of service.
  • Perhaps if some fundamental truths were brought home to the people, or, to be more exact, to the peoples now at loggerheads with each other, a notion of the peril equally impending upon all concerned and the conviction that an indefinite prolongation of the present state of things is impossible, would prove decisive factors in restoring a spirit of peace and in reviving that spirit of solidarity which now appears spent or slumbering.
  • ] "The colossal remains of shattered mountain chains speak of the greatness of God; and man is encouraged and lifts himself up by them, feeling within himself the same spirit and power."
  • He was an old man when he was called to lead the country, but he brought with him all his fighting spirit.
  • Then I lost my spirit.
  • At Pensford the rabble made a bull savage, and then tried to make it attack his congregation; at Whitechapel they drove cows among the listeners and threw stones, one of which hit Wesley between the eyes; but after he had wiped away the blood he went on with his address, telling the people that "God hath not given us the spirit of fear".
  • They grasp, of course, the great central idea that Perfected Man possesses a joyous immortal Life permeating spirit, soul and body; but they relegate it to some dim and distant future, entirely disconnected from the present law of our being, not seeing that if we are to have eternal life it must necessarily be involved in some principle which is eternal, and therefore existing, at any rate latently, at the present moment.
  • They represented the spirit of representative government at its best in avoiding the cowardice of time-servers and the low cunning of demagogues.
  • There he stands, holding the gifts towards the amorphous simulacrum of the primeval Mother, while Rama the hierophant beseeches her to send the spirit of the dead Chandrabai into the winnowing-fan.
  • Now Gefroi's breath grew short and laboured, the muscles stood out on his writhing body in knotted cords, but ever that cruel grip grew more deadly, crushing his spirit and robbing him of his wonted strength.
  • By these words Appius roused a warlike spirit in the Romans, and they dismissed Cineas with the answer that if Pyrrhus would leave Italy they would, if he wished, discuss the question of an alliance with him, but that while he remained in arms in their country the Romans would fight him to the death, however many Laevinuses he might defeat.
  • Then pour forth Thy Spirit And open our eyes, And fill with the knowledge That only makes wise.
  • This impediment, coupled with the cold and severe weather, depressed the spirits of the troops, worn out with fatigue.
  • Our Lord died with the words of a psalm on His sacred lips: "Into thy hands I commend my spirit" (Psalm 30, v. 6).
  • "Business as usual" expressed the fine spirit, the courage, the determination of a people.
  • If you would understand the Greek spirit in its fullest perfection, study Themistocles.
  • Let me sing you my latest song to cheer your spirits.
  • Plutarch relates that the pilot Thamus heard a voice in the air, crying out:"The great Pan is dead:" whereupon Eusebius observes, that the deaths of the demons were frequent in the reign of Tiberius, when Christ drove out the wicked spirits.
  • The young lady has her degree of bliss when her waist is entwined by "Dear CHAWLES," who soothes her troubled spirit with the tender melody of "Red as a beet is she,"alluding to her would-be rival.
  • His banishment meanwhile aroused the haughty spirit of his house, and anger at Gerard's treacherous conduct proved a further incentive to revenge.
  • I like thy spirit in so speaking up to me, for few men have dared to do so.
  • "She will have lots of trouble taking an evil spirit into her house," said one of the natives.
  • He never committed himself to a position of the security of which he was not sure; and he carried this spirit of caution to such an extremity that many of the early years of his reign present a succession of timid and vacillating movements, that more nearly resemble the subterfuges of a coward than the crafty artifices of a despot.
  • It means a spirit of independence, courage, willingness to make sacrifice.
  • St. Stephen, the proto-martyr, prayed "Lord Jesus receive my spirit."
  • In place of exhorting their countrymen to aid the Emperor, who was straining every nerve to defend their countryin place of infusing into their minds the spirit of patriotism and religion, these teachers of the people were incessantly inveighing against the wickedness of the unionists and the apostasy of the Emperor.
  • These accompaniments were intended to get their spirits up, but the Intelligent persistently applied themselves to getting spirits down; and when the rival processes had continued for a reasonable length of time, speakers began to appear upon the stands.
  • More than any other poem in any language, The Christ reflects the spirit of early Latin Christianity.
  • Banished for a time by the frost, the mud had returned; and mud, on the front, becomes a kind of malignant force which affects the spirits of the soldiers.
  • Two particular examples of the influence I am speaking of, I shall mention here, not only as honourable to the prime object of our regard, but as they may suggest to contemplative minds some useful ideas, by shewing how far the mere weight of an upright and benevolent character alone may give to the most callous nerves a trembling sensibility, and awaken the most ferocious spirit to self-correction.
  • Perhaps if some fundamental truths were brought home to the people, or, to be more exact, to the peoples now at loggerheads with each other, a notion of the peril equally impending upon all concerned and the conviction that an indefinite prolongation of the present state of things is impossible, would prove decisive factors in restoring a spirit of peace and in reviving that spirit of solidarity which now appears spent or slumbering.
  • I admire your spirit.
  • Thus, the multiplicity of laws does not tend to develop a law-abiding spirit.
  • The following selections from his sayings well exhibit the spirit of his system of philosophy and morality.
  • They are even capable of sneering at a purely platonic friendship which is attempting to preserve the beautiful old Greek spirit.
  • "Man, great in intellect, powerful in mind, gifted with reason, and having within him a spirit that is immortal, proud, glorious, aspiring as he is, falls very far short of perfection in every attribute of his nature.
  • But guilt is, certainly, a heavy load; it sinks and damps the spirits.
  • " With his eyes still on the fire, he drank the spirits, and sighed.
  • Wealth is only an enlargement of the material boundary, and leaves the spirit free to dash to and fro, and exhaust itself in vain efforts.
  • When any crews are returning home in time of war, they are acquainted with the dangers of an impress, but they comfort themselves with contriving stratagems to elude it, or with the prospect of obtaining an exemption from it by the favour of their friends; prospects which are often deceitful, and stratagems frequently defeated, but which yet support their spirits, and animate their industry.
  • All was so still, so soft in earth and air, You scarce would start to meet a spirit there, Secure that naught of evil could delight To walk in such a scene, in such a night!
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