41 Verbs to Use for the Word splashing

But an indeterminable space away they could hear a low splash followed by a second and a third.

Hector, hearing a splashing and rushing, turned round to look, and saw him with one hand in a small wooden trough that ran along the wall, and with the other holding the tumbler in a stream of water that fell from the side of the trough into his bath.

Against the faint blue-green of the opposite hill rose the grey stone urns on the pillars of the balcony; and from the urns hung trailing ivy geraniums with pink or scarlet blossom, making splashes of colour on the background of grey distance.

As the heavy boom shook the earth, he saw a great splash of water twelve feet from the bow.

They reached the middle of the lake, and Dick suffered his sculls to rest upon the water, sending feathery splashes from their tips that spread in widening circles all around them.

He held a brush between his teeth during the operation; but no sooner was it over, and the gag removed, than his speech began to gush in quick, impetuous jerks, each jerk marking an interval as, after flinging a fresh splash of paint upon the canvas, he stepped back half a pace to eye its effect.

Now, for a while after the lighting of the second fire, there came no further sounds from the direction of the valley; nothing indeed to break the quietness of the island, save the occasional lonely splashes that sounded from time to time out in the vastness of the weed-continent.

The men were ordered to row quietly, and to avoid any splashing or throwing up of water.

The quick ear of the young savage had detected the splash of oars at the farther side of the lake, and he instantly discovered the three canoes that were leaving the opposite coast, and emerging from the deep shadow of the overhanging trees.

Come to think of it, I seem to remember 'earing a splash.

Then, having excluded the splash of sunlight he sat down again.

I have put it next to the oak because there is a sort of rivalry between the two as to which can get on its spring dress the soonest, and an old English rhyme says, "'If the oak's before the ash, Then you may expect a splash;

The tone of scorn proved too much for Nancy's self-control; with a passionate exclamation she made a quick rush across the plank, there was a struggle, and the result was what might have been expecteda great splash, a scream from Nancy, and both little figures were immersed in the stream.

The moon in her youth was riding over the sea as bright as it is possible to be, and down below her she wrote upon the waves and expressed herself in new variety, a long splash of lemon-coloured light over the placid ocean, a dream picture, something of magic.

Soon after he left the buoy, he heard just above his head a sort of whiffing sound, which his imagination conjured into the prelude to the 'rushing of a mighty wind,' and close to his ear there followed a smart splash in the water, and a sudden shriek that went through him,such as is heard "'When the lone sea-bird wakes its wildest cry.'

But we set out to tell you about the kind of inferno in which this man got his splash of red.

The horses had to make a rapid dart through the water, which was so high, and rushing in such a torrent, that if I had not been mounted on Jerry, the tallest horse in the cavalcade, I must have got a terrible splashing.

and, on the sun, glowed a vast splash of burning whitethe grave of the earth.

He got right out of the umbrella and went splash, dash, into the lake.

He wriggled his shoulders and considered going back, after all, and having his splash.

I heerd the feller splash when he struck, but he never let out no yell.

I knew that furtive splash instantly, and knew that a trained hand wielded the paddle.

So long as a man likes the splashing of a fish, he is a poet; but when he knows that the splashing is nothing but the chase of the weak by the strong, he is a thinker; but when he does not understand what sense there is in the chase, or what use in the equilibrium which results from destruction, he is becoming silly and dull, as he was when a child.

Men not making a splashing and struggling are rarely attacked; but if one is attacked by any chance, the blood in the water maddens the piranhas, and they assail the man with frightful ferocity.

My grandfather's farm lay somewhere this side of the sunset, so near that its pastures barely missed the splash of color.

41 Verbs to Use for the Word  splashing