100 Verbs to Use for the Word spooning

" She took the spoon again.

Keep it well stirred while on the fire, and use a wooden spoon.

Casimer would have become desperate had he seen her in the little blue wrapper, with her bright hair loose on her shoulders, and her pretty face wet with tears, as she dropped her spoon to seize his flowers,three dewy roses, one a bud, one half and the other fully blown, making a fragrant record and avowal of the love which she must renounce.

The other boat will soon be along, and Smith will be for dipping his spoon into my dish.

Her head drooped upon my shoulder, and when I held a spoon, filled with the restorative that I had brought, to her lips, they opened, and she took that which I gave, mechanically.

He threw down his spoon and cried, "I'd just as soon starve in the streets, and wade in its icy puddles, too, as live here with you and your nasty boys and work in that old canning factory!

"This is my dear friend, Judge SWEENEY," continued the Ritualistic organist, languidly waving a spoon towards that gentleman, "who has a very good wife in the grave, and knows much more about women and gravy than I.

"Two large potatoes, pass'd through kitchen sieve, Smoothness and softness to the salad give: Of mordent mustard add a single spoon, Distrust the condiment that bites too soon; But deem it not, thou man of herbs, a fault.

I found those spoons as straight, smooth, and fair as ever spoons had been;not a dent, not a wrinkle, not a bend nor untrue line could we discover anywhere upon them.

It was, and is still with some persons, a custom to present spoons at christenings, or on visiting "the lady in the straw;" and in both cases they were adorned with suitable imagery.

~Sic Semper.~ I sent her a spoon, She is married to-day; The wedding's at noon.

Jack the Giant-Killer's feats were nothing to his; and when at last the bowl was empty, he stopped short like a machine from which the steam had been suddenly cut off, and laid down his buffalo horn-spoon without a sigh.

"Now, Buddy, you bring a spoon," ordered Dr. Pigg, and when the little boy guinea pig brought one, his father poured into it some of the medicine.

" "But he hasn't any home," said Roy, putting down his spoon and looking at his aunt with an anxious face; "he can't get work, so his mother turned him out of doors, and I want him to come and live with us, and when I grow up he shall be my servant!" Miss Bertram laughed.

Her shaking hands rattled the spoon which stirred the mixture in the glass.

Oh, because she had left the spoon.

Full many a slice of apple I have lifted from a pie Before the upper crust went on, escaping Mother's eye; Full many a time my fingers small in artfulness have strayed Into some sweet temptation rare which Mother's hands had made; But eager-eyed and watery-mouthed, I craved the greater boon, When Mother let me clean the dish and lick the frosting spoon.

" Jennifer lifted her spoon triumphantly.

The shell, neatly bisected, makes a pair of teacups, and either of these, fitted with a wooden handle, makes a handy spoon.

With admirable presence of mind the mate picked up an apron, tied it around him and telling "mammy" to take a few minutes' rest as she was evidently overtired, he seized her wooden spoon and went on stirring the batter as though he had never done anything else in his life.

I once stole a silver spoon"

We cannot sell our tobacco except to English merchants, and we cannot buy a horn spoon except it comes in an English ship.

He looked sharply at me, his gray eyebrows rising hair by hair, and shaking a spoon at me said, "You are playing over your mother's capers.

You might omit the spoons too, after a remark like that, Miss Dorothy.

In addition to this, the good folks are not much addicted to cleanliness, and make use of their sleeves for blowing their noses on, as well as for wiping their spoons and plates.

100 Verbs to Use for the Word  spooning