31 Verbs to Use for the Word sportsman

He was well used to walking in Italy, in pursuit of game; and he was even now so keen a sportsman, that, having observed some partridges, he was going to take a shot: but Malcolm cautioned him against it, observing that the firing might be heard by the tenders who were hovering upon the coast.

This island was at one period overrun with enormous rats, to destroy which somebody with good intent imported a cargo of cats, which are now become as great a plague as their predecessors, keeping the sportsmen constantly on the alert to destroy them.

The fish may be taken at any season, and during the months of July and August he will find deer enough feeding along the margins of the lakes and rivers, and easily to be come at, to satisfy any reasonable or honorable sportsman.

" "And yet," thought Gifford, glancing at the dark, rather intriguing face opposite to him, "you don't look a sportsman.

And good luck to ye in that same, for ye're as pretty a rider as ever kicked coping-stones out of a wall; and poor Paddy loves a sportsman by nature.

The perfect naturalness of the position, however, might well have deceived a more experienced sportsman.

You may think this funny when you know there was not a living thing to shoot at within miles of Tarascon; scarcely a sparrow to attract local sportsmen.

And Colonel Onslow made a fresh motion, with a similar complaint of the publishers of six more newspapers"three brace," as he described them in language more sportsman like than parliamentary.

Very unwillingly, when obliged to do so, he whistled off his bands of Kurds, and dismissed them: unwillingly, too, he gave orders that the Armenian hunts which had so pleasantly diverted the sportsmen of Constantinople, must be abandoned: then was decreed a 'close time' for Armenians, the shooting season was over.

The game cannot possibly escape the sportsman; he has nothing to do but aim and firein other words, write down his thoughts.

These two men being the last to fall into her toils, she began to sigh wearily over her too easily captured victims, when her fickle fancy was caught by game more worthy so expert a sportsman.

the old judge has got his Sportsman; he reads nothing else except the Sporting Times, and he's going back for the Leger.

Up to this 1919 hunting trip in the wilds I had always marveled at the fact that naturalists and biologists hate sportsmen.

At Wood Island we heard of Messrs. Kidder and Blake, two other sportsmen from Boston, who had already left for their hunting grounds in Kaluda Bay.

Grace kept her place at the window, from a feeling she could not define, and of which perhaps she was unconscious, until the gate closed, and the shrubbery hid the sportsman from her sight, and then she withdrew to her room to weep.

During the months of February and March, special low terms can probably be obtained in the hotels, as they are anxious to prolong their season, and will do anything they can afford to induce British sportsmen to come out then.

Parent birds sometimes interrupt the sportsman just as he imagines that he has a sure thing, which certainly is very aggravating.

" Scotch people in general are, like this old woman, very jealous, as might be expected, of ministers joining the sportsman to their pastoral character.

The sportsman, againI mean the sportsman of that type which seems peculiar to these islands, who loves toil and danger for their own sakes; he surely is a naturalist, ipso facto, though he knows it not.

"Ah, 'tis a good air up on these wolds," replied the sportsman.

and now the whole field were looking on at his mishap; between disgust and the start he turned almost sick, and felt the blood rush into his cheeks and forehead as he heard a shout of coarse jovial laughter burst out close to him, and the old master of the hounds, Squire Lavington, roared aloud 'A pretty sportsman you are, Mr. Smith, to fall asleep by the cover- side and let your horse downand your pockets, too!

The flocks of teal now skimming the surface of the water, now rising higher towards the shelter of the forests, tempted our sportsman sorely; but, as there was little prospect of finding his game when it was brought down, he did not give way to the wanton pleasure of shooting merely to destroy life.

He was never an adept at field-sports, though very ambitious of being thought a sportsman.

Will you, too, treat the poor wild uneducated sportsman as a Pariah and an outcast, because he is not ashamed to be a man?because he cannot stuff his soul's hunger with cut-and-dried hearsays, but dares to think for himself? because he wants to believe things, and dare not be satisfied with only believing that he ought to believe them?' She paused, astonished. 'Ah, yes,' he went on, 'I hoped too much!

Smithson uses gaspoor sportsman, Smithson.

31 Verbs to Use for the Word  sportsman