17 Verbs to Use for the Word sprouts

Generally, the young stumps of broad-leaved trees produce more sprouts than the stumps of older trees which have stood for some time.

Ever'thing a man ever done I've donecut wood, cut down sprouts, barn brushI've done ever'thing.

I sit comfortably in it, and travel slowlytime being non-existentso slowly that I can watch the wheat sprout, and gaze at the birds and the view and the clouds.

The perennials may be divided at the root in autumn, care being taken not to injure the young fleshy sprouts.

The sober Man, by the Strength of Reason, may keep under and subdue every Vice or Folly to which he is most inclined; but Wine makes every latent Seed sprout up in the Soul, and shew it self.

II O mother of the gods, who performest the commands of Bel, Who makest the young grass sprout, queen of mankind, Creator of all, guide of every birth, Mother Ishtar, whose might no god approaches, Exalted mistress, mighty in command!

I remember so well when we first noticed the little green sprouts shooting up in spots from which the snow had melted; and on making this discovery, we always danced into the house and shouted out: "Spring has come!"

"I am like a gardener who compels every passing neighbor to go into his back yard and admire his first sprouts," laughed the prophet jovially.

The young plants are about this time taken from the seed-bed, their tops and roots trimmed, and then planted in the field by making holes in the ground with the fingers and placing four or five sprouts in each of them; in this tedious labor the poor women are employed, whilst the males are lounging in their houses or in the shade of the trees.

Thy cloud-borne waters inly sinking, Fair spring sprouts forth, blest with thy blessing.

The other things of good agriculture are to sow seed plentifully, to thin the young sprouts, and to hill up the roots with earth.

When I touch the seeds the plants sprout.

As I trim Brussels sprouts I throw them into a pan of warm water, and the insects crawl out and sink to the bottom of the pan.

"I don't somehow like wasting the sprouts," observed the Colonel anxiously.

Besides this, the pigeons are very fond of picking off the young sprouts.

But soon I'll take them picters, and I'll fetch some of 'em out And hang 'em 'round the garden when the corn begins ter sprout; We'll have no crows and blackbirds ner that kind er feathered trash, 'Cause them photygraphs of Sary's, they beat scarecrows all ter smash.

ASPARAGUS.The ancients called all the sprouts of young vegetables asparagus, whence the name, which is now limited to a particular species, embracing artichoke, alisander, asparagus, cardoon, rampion, and sea-kale.

17 Verbs to Use for the Word  sprouts