112 Verbs to Use for the Word spy

Avowedly exclusive confidence, conferences from which the rest of the household were directly shut out, would have suggested to their envious tempers that Eveena played the spy on them, or influenced and advised the exercise of my authority.

Does the ungrateful Wretch hide his own head, And send his Spies abroad? Pis.

When Gúreng the king found that his daughter's visits to him became less frequent than usual, he set his spies to work, and was not long in ascertaining the cause of her continued absence.

[-11-] Disregarding such omens as had appeared to them they neither felt fear nor displayed less hostility but spent the winter in employing spies and annoying each other.

Then he said how maybe in collecting books we had caught a spy in our net.

Some one's acting the spy.

I got spies out and they say he's been in every cafe in town looking for me.

One day when he was standing at the landing-place, having crept down from the upper regions, attracted by the sound of his mother's voice, who was singing to Lord Steyne, the drawing-room door opening suddenly discovered the little spy, who but a moment before had been rapt in delight and listening to the music.

Now, if I were you, I would arrest the master-spy for whom I have been working.

He paid spies to report to him the daily occupations of the Duchess, with the names of her visitors and friends.

One of two things in Manila would have saved me from my positioneither I should have told Meeker at once that he was mistaken in thinking me a spy and warned him to keep clear of me, or I should have told the police that I was being annoyed by a suspicious character.

"I have found the spy," he said triumphantly, when he joined his comrade outside.

Eivé closed the door, and Davilo and I, hastily and unperceived, followed the spy to the gate of the enclosure.

As for women-conspirators, he kept spies on the least dangerous, and locked up the others.

She reconciles herself with Rome, and accepts its legate at her court; she receives Spanish spies and Jesuit confessors; she marries the son of Charles V., afterwards Philip II.

I am going to turn German spy myself and work for the other side.

There was brought to him a spy whom Harold had sent to watch the forces and plans of the enemy; and William dismissed him, saying, "Harold hath no need to take any care or be at any charges to know how we be, and what we be doing; he shall see for himself, and shall feel before the end of the year."

"One of our men," resumed Mortlake, in even tones, in which he cunningly managed to mingle a note of regret, "one of our men took upon himselfloyal fellowto watch this spy.

But the experience had made him feel conversant with the etiquette of shooting a spy, as it was being done amongst the very best firing-squads.

"This is a very unfortunate business, hey?" croaked old Harding, as they spun along the road to the place where Mortlake, who was driving, declared Roy had made an appointment to meet the foreign spy.

The Good Knight at once rose from table and drew the spy on one side, to learn what was going on, who repeated the lesson he had learned.

"We want no spy on our deliberations.

He wanted to know who the devil I was, not liking my civilian clothes and suspecting a German spy.

* WHO TRANSLATED THE "TURKISH SPY?" Is it known who really translated that clever work, Letters writ by a Turkish Spy?

Then taking up what I could nearest spy, I digged about That place where I had seen him to grow out; And by and by I saw the warm recluse alone to lie, Where fresh and green He lived of us unseen.

112 Verbs to Use for the Word  spy