99 Verbs to Use for the Word squires

"What proof have you of this strange and improbable story?" asked the squire, after a nervous pause.

"Ha! you admit it?" exclaimed the squire.

" Balin took up the head of the Lady and carried it to his hostelry, where he met his squire.

'And that you may do, my fine fellow!' roared the squire.

Madam, replied the squire, you are, I know, All sweetnesspardon me for saying so.

'You're a brace of geese,' politely observed the old squire; 'and you'll find it out in rheumatic fever.

You were the sole cause of the whole thing, and if there's any decency in you, you'll go and tell the squire so.

She wanted to face the squire while her spirit was still high.

'He's leading the squire straight home to Whitford, just in time for dinner.' * * *

"Why, she is as coming, rejoined the squire, as a milk-maid, and

Mr. Tutt Swandangles the squire.

Then King Bagdemagus took with him a squire, the which should bring tidings unto Sir Galahad how he sped.

The next morning we dismissed our squires, fearing they might talk.

He said nothing, merely stood and watched the squire with half-comic resignation till he came tramping back.

Nor heaven nor hell could save this squire from his death.

what?" she queried, approaching the squire, "I am somewhat hard of hearing these times.

It was while this was in progress that a thick-set, somewhat bulletheaded man came up and addressed the squire by name.

' 'You villain!' interposed the squire, 'when did I ever sell a head of game?' '"You have sold the labouring man, squire, Body and soul to shame, To pay for your seat in the House, squire, And to pay for the feed of your game.

" "Butdamn it!" ejaculated the squire.

"Is it too much?" "Um-er," hesitated the widow, glancing along the graceful lines of the powerful trotter, "I suppose not if you can beat the squire.

"Of course he will need a house," pursued the squire, "and as his family is small, he thinks this house will just suit him.

He came forward, greeted the squire and Mrs. Fielding, and in a moment was getting in beside her.

" "Aye, the clothes, de Chavasse," murmured the squire meditatively, "the clothes, but not the man ... and 'twas you yourself who just now...." "Master Lambert should know his own brother," here came in a suppressed murmur from one or two of the men, who respectful before the quality, had now become too excited to keep altogether silent.

The deacon now had forgotten the squire as he had only so shortly before forgotten the widow.

And in the midst of all these sober folk, of young men in severe garments, of portly dames and frowning squires, a girlish figure, young, alert, vigorous, wearing with the charm of her own youth and freshness the unbecoming attire, which disfigured her elders yet seemed to set off her own graceful form, her dainty bosom and pretty arms.

99 Verbs to Use for the Word  squires