50 Verbs to Use for the Word stable

" When Vincent visited the stables on the morning of that eagerly-looked-for Thursday, he found three of the horses clammy with perspiration and giving every sign of having been ridden!

Pottinger was still finishing off Adonis, and he drew himself up and saluted as she entered the stables.

That night, just as I was preparing to leave the stable to join the other servants on their ride to Tibbitt's Hall, the telephone rang and I heard Miss Cumberland's voice.

The maharajah keeps up the elephant stables of his predecessor in which are bred and kept the finest animals in India.

When they reached the stables Seguin greatly admired the big draught horses, and praised them with the expressions of a connoisseur.

An attendant of Mrs Fitzgerald expressed how strange it was that a man looking so mild and gentle could meditate such things "but never fear, Maam, those that look so mild are always the worst": then she narrated how that her husband was building some stables, but that she was demanding of him "Pat, you broth of a boy, what is the use of your building stables when these people are coming to destroy everything."

I have simply to show an enlightened barbarian toiling for civilization, a sort of Hercules cleansing Augean stables and killing Nemean lions; a man whose labors were prodigious; a very extraordinary man, stained by crimes and cruelties, yet laboring, with a sort of inspired enthusiasm, to raise his country from an abyss of ignorance and brutality.

Trying to find its German stable, Would here come blundering down.

You have been living in luxury and receiving an expensive education when you should have been cleaning out the stable.

"No, I don't want to borrow any more money," his father said, as they were passing the stable.

Alan L. Rosenblum (E); 21Dec71; R519431. CURRIE, ARMAND L. The man who owned the stable.

There is no bell at the chapel; but the name of Mr. Bell, who rents the stables, is fixed at one side of it; and in this circumstance some satisfaction may be found.

John had purposely refrained from filling the stables which had been so carefully restored and fitted.

Have you seen the stables yet?

We got good stables for our horses.

This turn of affairs, as can be easily understood, was the most pleasing to the lords Hinz and Kunz, as they were thus relieved of the necessity of fattening the blacks in their stables, the Squire, their cousin, no longer having any stables of his own.

CHAPTER XXXVII Tristram passed the afternoon outdoors, inspecting the stables, and among his own favorite haunts, and then rushed in, too late for tea and only just in time to catch the post.

Livestock lacked stables in some sections.

A man shall perhaps rush by and trample down plants as high as his head, and cannot be said to know that they exist, though he may have cut many tons of them, littered his stables with them, and fed them to his cattle for years.

Stations. Notify all livery stables and other places in your districts, depositing large quantities of manure and other refuse in the streets, that they must cart it away daily, themselves.

I say his folks would come and try to break open my stable, but Hogg says if they do I can have the law of 'em for damaging my property.

After the death of Maffeo, I experienced great difficulty to procure another stable for myself, that I might get away from the morbid air of that in which my poor servant died.

A few professional jockeys represent the stables of breeders who are too old or too fat or too lazy to ride themselves, but it is considered the proper thing for every true sportsman to ride his own horse as long as he is under weight.

William admitted them, and rang up the stables.

Back of them in typical Dublin decay rose the stables of an anciently prosperous shipping concern; in the v dip of the roofless walls, spiky grass grew and through the barred windows the wet gray sky was slotted.

50 Verbs to Use for the Word  stable