301 Verbs to Use for the Word staging

* Aylmer and his guests had reached the stage of being apparently all lost in their own thoughts, and the conversation had been practically reduced to a disjointed monologue on music by Lady Everard, when the lights began to be lowered, and the party broke up.

Then, casting one of his Shylock glances of hatred and contempt on the mute and astounded audience, majestically left the stage.

Water, after it has passed the initiatory stage becomes flat, absolutely flat and tasteless.

He had quitted the stage some months; and, as I learned afterwards, had been in the habit of resorting daily to these gardens almost to the day of his decease.

" At the north end of the Lake we took stages for Fort Ticonderoga.

And he knew it marked one more stage of the Experiment, so that he could thank God and take courage.

All these people rose and fell within the boundaries of Turkey, held the stage of the world for a time, and left their mark on its history.

Doubtless the growth of these mercantile classes has to a certain extent been inevitable; and we must do them the justice to acknowledge that their enterprise and ingenuity (even set in action for their own private advantage) have been of considerable benefit to the world, and that their growth may represent a necessary stage in affairs.

Wild Bill (who had been driving stage on the road and had recently come down to our division) was elected captain of the company.

I think it probable that the poem was written during the short visit which Wordsworth and his sister paid to their brother Richard in London in 1797, when he tried to get his tragedy, 'The Borderers', brought on the stage.

Unless he fills the stage, an incident has for him no value or concern.

Only two actors are allowed to occupy the stage at the same time, and this is another point in common with the early Greek drama.

Has the lawyers' response to your appeal encouraged you to hope that you will be able to carry through all stages of non-co-operation with the help of such people?"

Before applying these principles it is necessary for practical considerations to set out clearly the various stages of this period.

In 1769 the official correspondence entered the 'secret and confidential' stage with a dispatch from the home government to Carleton suggesting a House of Representatives to which, practically speaking, the towns would send Protestant members and the country districts Roman Catholics.

It was justly expected that the illiterate presumption which had so long deterred poetical genius from approaching the stage, would have shrunk abashed from before him; but he either felt not the importance of the duty he had been called to perform, or, what is more probable, yielding to the allurements of the moment, forgot that duty, in the amusement which he derived from the talents and peculiarities of the players.

The cold and calculating German "MEPHISTOPHELES" treads the stage where once tripped the light feet of Parisian beauty.

It is pity but he should have another silver arrow, if it be but for crossing the stage with his cap on. SUM.

Sketches in outline roughly exhibiting different stages of my voyage, from the first ascent to the final landing, appeared to convince my host of my meaning, if not of my veracity.

But still 'tis Chapon Boüillé at the best; | That constant Dish can never make a Feast: | Yet the pall'd Pleasure you must still pursue, You give so small Incouragement for new; And who would drudge for such a wretched Age, Who want the Bravery to support one Stage?

And giving up the stage, and oh, goodness knows what!

An excellent rattling farce, it seems to have kept the stage at intervals for some twenty years.

The answer was a concerted rush for the stairs and in another minute the girls were out in the bright sunlight, running to meet the stage.

James Dow McCallum (A); 25Nov60; R266612. MCCANDLESS, STANLEY R. A method of lighting the stage.

On the threshold of the inner court they dismounted, and moving to the other side of our balcony we followed the next stage of the ceremony.

301 Verbs to Use for the Word  staging