96 Verbs to Use for the Word stakes

It had the peculiar ring, which any one will recognise who has driven a stake into ground covered with water, by blows given by the side instead of the head of an axe.

" As she was returning alone to her own claim, behold two brawny Circle City miners pulling out her stakes and putting in their own.

For gambling the man had an insatiable thirst; he played once for forty hours without intermission; it was death to refuse a game with him; no one might cease playing without his express commands; no one durst win the stakes; and as a consequence, he accumulated at cards in a few years almost all the coined money then existing in the province.

The archers pushed the cross to get it thoroughly into the hole, and caused it to vibrate still more by planting five stakes around to support it.

Every one of them had found a weapona stake.

Wager says that A. made a bet with B. that he could cut a dime in two at one stroke of his pen-knife, C. to hold the stakes.

MORIANA AND GALVAN Twas Princess Moriana, Upon a castle's height, That played with Moorish Galvan At cards for her delight; And oft he lost the stakes he set, Full many a coin I wis; When Moriana lost, she gave Her hand for him to kiss.

The thrifty and shifty patriots sent from the North at once took a stake in the city, and thenceforward there was growth, if not grace, in the capital.

Besides, he's got no stake in the neighborhood.

Another way to catch wolves and coyotes was to set heavy stakes in the ground in a circle, about the carcasses of one or two dead buffalo.

He staked five francs on the figure five and lost, doubled his stakes and lost again, trebled them and lost again.

There yet remained, says Mr. Chambers, before playing the great stake of a pitched battle, one chance of success by the irregular mode of warfare to which the army was accustomed, and Charles resolved to put it to trial.

It's goin' ahead now, and people are rushin' matters in the way of settlin' of it, but you could stick down a stake most anywhere in it then, and travel in any direction a hundred miles climbin' a fence.

" Round and round the stake circled the disguised freshmen, and the fire kept getting higher and higher.

Many a man is willing to be a martyr till he sees the stake and fagots.

The captain permitted Delamere to win from him several small amounts, after which he gradually increased the stakes and turned the tables.

The game is to make seven points by hitting the adversary as many times, and he who wins receives the exiguous stakes for which they play.

This issue therefore do I make: The best deserver draw the stake.

The flames were now beginning to approach the stake, when there appeared, coming through the crowd, a warrior of noble mien, habited in the arms of another country.

they stopped and pitched a camp in a suitable place and fenced it all about with palisades, as they had brought in stakes for this very purpose.

His netting establishment alone, consisted of one captain, one lieutenant, twelve mounted huntsmen, six varlets to attend the bloodhounds; six whips, who had under their charge sixty hounds; and one hundred bowmen on foot, carrying large stakes for fixing the nets and tents, which were carried by fifty six-horsed chariots.

He chose a stake from among the wood which the Cyclop had piled up for firing, in length and thickness like a mast, which he sharpened and hardened in the fire, and selected four men, and instructed them what they should do with this stake, and made them perfect in their parts.

A term in card-playing; to "vie" was to cover a stake.

At last, a quarter of an hour or so after we had commenced, Muriel, standing in the hole and having dug her stake deeply into the ground, suddenly cried: "Look!

He went out and examined the stakes, and found that block 26 did not contain the oak, but was much farther down in the slough, and that the corner lots that were to have been Katy's wedding portion stretched quite into the peat bog, and further that if the Baptist University should stand on block 27, it would have a baptistery all around it.

96 Verbs to Use for the Word  stakes
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