101 Verbs to Use for the Word stamping

Badly printed and barbarously bound, this "Life of Juan Facundo Quiroga" is nevertheless replete with the evidence of genius, and bears the stamp of a generously-cultivated mind.

Between us we have given the country its stamp and made it a land for white men; but we'll soon be forced to make good our claim.

"Aunt Beatrice once said he had a hobby for collecting postage stamps and old coins" "But it is money," cried Laura, finding her voice at last, her blue eyes dark with excitement.

| | | | Parties desiring Catalogues of any of our Publishing Houses | | can have the same forwarded by inclosing two stamps.

On the back he endorsed that it had been torn by accident, and then gave it the proper visé, affixing the stamps.

Thus the chalk is no unimportant element in the masonry of the earth's crust, and it impresses a peculiar stamp, varying with the conditions to which it is exposed, on the scenery of the districts in which it occurs.

not well that few lives have ever been lived which have left such a stamp on a community?

I am not referring to the supply of channels into which to pour savings, but to appeals to make the economies which will furnish the means to buy stamps or bonds.

He therefore takes the thoughts of others (whether contemporaries or not) out of their mouths, and is content to make them his own, to set his stamp upon them, by imparting to them a more meretricious gloss, a higher relief, a greater loftiness of tone, and a characteristic inveteracy of purpose.

It's all very well for you to talk about the grandeur of the governments of BOADICEA, and ELIZABETH and CATHERINE, but I don't believe that BOA, or LIZZY, or KATE would have been very nice as a companion, if she and you were sitting before the fire, and she wanted stamps and was going for them as a matter of business.

He had long indulged his appetites, and wore the stamp of what is sometimes called good living.

(I am going to try to enclose the necessary stamps in this, but if I forget ithowever, I won't) We have been poking around slowly through Switzerland for a month; a week hence we go to Veniceto Rome & other places later; & we are booked for Munich Nov. 10 (for the winter.)

By this time the little dug-out was nearly filled with other Indians, who had been peeping in at the door, and I could hear voices of still more outside as well as the stamping of horses.

Dr. Martineau says: "It is perhaps, the peculiar treachery of this process which fixes upon falsehood a stamp of meanness quite exceptional; and renders it impossible, I think, to yield to its inducements, even in cases supposed to be venial, without a disgust little distinguishable from compunction.

Also I saw some post-office stamps and stamped envelopes: I do not much admire the latter.

Scenic Arrangements Lastly, the arrangements for the production of the pieces on the stage bore the like stamp of indifference to aesthetic requirements on the part of the managers and the public.

| | July 1st or any time send stamp for a copy.

All news published by the agency has thus received the stamp of official authority, and the German public is too ignorant to recognize the palpable fraud.

Thus is it with Lyon Gardiner, and his progeny, who are now to be numbered in scores, including persons in all classes of life, though it carries with it a stamp of caste to be known in Suffolk as having come direct from the loins of old Lyon Gardiner.

He smiled and produced a rubber stamp, saying that if I wished to visit Beirut or Aleppo I must get a vise from him.

No matter how necessary to the cause of equal suffrage it may be to enroll those 68,000 suffragists as readers, the United States Post Office will not sell us stamps for writing to them unless we can make cash payments.

At last he heard a stamp which could come from nothing but the hoof of a horse.

[Footnote A: Here in the Quarto; the next more easie: For vse almost can change the stamp of nature, And either the deuill, or throwe him out With wonderous potency:]

As a matter of convenience telegrams may be paid for by sticking postage stamps upon the blanks.

Her early training in romance writing had left too indelible a stamp upon her mind.

101 Verbs to Use for the Word  stamping
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