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120 Verbs to Use for the Word  staying

120 Verbs to Use for the Word staying

And moved and spoke in quiet grown-up wise, Having my law the seventh time disobey'd, I struck him, and dismiss'd With hard words and unkiss'd...." Even with the plague and Brother Paul raging at the missioneven with everyone preoccupied by the claims of dead and dying, the Boy would have been glad to prolong his stay had it not been for "nagging" thoughts of the Colonel.

I believe he was a gross flatterer.' I fulfilled my intention by going to London, and returned to Oxford on Wednesday the 9th of June, when I was happy to find myself again in the same agreeable circle at Pembroke College, with the comfortable prospect of making some stay.

Cook could see that Otoo was nervous and uncomfortable, and felt dissatisfied with his reception, so determined to cut short his stay.

Lay not thy winning pen away, Each line thou writest we bid thee stay, Still ask to charm us with another lay.

He gave notice to you and Mrs. Marston of his intended departure; but accident protracted his stay until that fatal night which sealed his doom.

In fact I enjoyed my stay so much, that in March, I returned to the Croc Bank again (for a brief while), as that was the breeding season for crocodiles.

In such a retrospect the terrified sinner shrinks back into himself, and finding there no stay by which to cling, must feel shrinking into infinite nothingness; while the devout soul raises its thoughts to the Almighty, yielding itself up to Him in childlike trust, and praying, "Thy will be done in me!"

They were exceedingly dirty and ragged, wearing, nevertheless, a profusion of ear-rings, armlets, anclets, bracelets, and all sorts of lets, with a thousand talismanic charms hanging from their necks upon their ample bosoms, which latter, from the habit of not wearing stays, reach as low down as their waists.

Lord, come away; Why dost thou stay?

She seemed more hurt than angry, and began by saying: "On account of thy bad conduct, Mrs. Stein is going to shorten her stay.

I pray thee stay.

Though I could wish your stay, my duty bidds me Expect the enjoying of my happines Till your returne from France.

He was going to leave with the Captain-General, who cared in no way to lengthen his stay, fearful of what people would say.

She had already be'n in de house fer a week, an' Mars Sam knowed ef she once come ter stay, she'd be de mist'ess of eve'ybody in it an' him too.

Her long with ardent Look his Eye pursued Delighted, but desiring more her stay: Oft he to her his Charge of quick return Repeated; she to him as oft engaged To be return'd by noon amid the Bower.

The Rancocus was far better provided with tools suited to the uses of the land, than was common for ships, her voyage contemplating a long stay among the islands she was to visit.

A quiet mind, Conscious and upright, needs no other stay; Nor can I grieve for what I leave behind, In the rich promise of eternal day.

Martha Foote knew the value of the personal note, and it had been her idea that had resulted in the rule which obliged elevator boys, chambermaids, floor clerks, doormen and waiters if possible, to learn the names of Senate Hotel guests, no matter how brief their stay.

We were obliged to curtail our stay at Bourneville, our country home.

So ended our stay at Ferrara, in a blaze of wild enthusiasm.

Janet, fearing a confusion of her master's words, put forth her arms and drew away Katherine's hands and said, softly: "His Lordship will not thrash the lad, if thou wilt don thy most beautiful frock and forget the stays.

They improved a short stay at the Danish island of St. Thomas, to give a description of slavery as it exists there, which, as it appeared for the most part in the anti-slavery papers, and as it is not directly connected with the great question at issue, has not been inserted in the present volume.

Here are no English, except a Mr. Bertie and his governor, who arrived two days ago, and who intends but a short stay.

To make me happier than that wish can do, Lies not in all your Gods to grant, but you; Let this fair princess but one minute stay, A look from her will your obligements pay.

And this I have to say, you're bound to like your stay, And never in your life I'm very sure will you repent The time in Pension Colbert's walls and well-trimmed garden spent.

It had not occurred to Nick that it could be necessary to mention Angela's brief stay, in telling Wisler that he himself was "running up to Lucky Star."

But it would be foolish to bring it into such prominence when we have all along recommended a stay amid these lovely scenes, unless we could suggest a remedy, and the remedy is as simple as, with us, it proved complete.

He told me that if he liked his purchase, he should build a house on it, and cultivate the land as a farm, as his continued residence in Buffalo, after the disposition to annoy him shown by the citizens, rendered his stay there out of the question.

I took up my stay at the "English Hotel" (posada Ingles), kept by Benoliel, a Morocco Jew, who spoke tolerable English.

"Amidst the tumult of the routed train, The sons of false Antimachus were slain; He, who for bribes his faithless counsels sold, And voted Helen's stay for Paris' gold.

" So, when Cousin Richard came along, the Doctor, though he did not like his looks any too well, told her father to encourage his staying for a time.

This Fleming has termed the toe-stay, from a notion that it serves to maintain the position of the os pedis.

That was his world: the only thing that helped him endure his stay in Milan.

This caused a stay in the proceedings until order was partially restored, and the judge's voice could be heard in a warning that the court-room would be cleared of all spectators if this break of decorum was repeated.

When they offered to depart, he entreated their stay, and was the next day still more unwilling to dismiss them than before.

He said he intended to warn the ship's officer of the danger in landing andwell, that explains the short stay of the ship and the absence of nearly all mail from the island.

We hoped that she could extend her stay, but her mother wrote 'Come home,' and there was no appeal from that.

Mistress Penwick was greatly frightened of my Lord Cedric; for she would go forth in the heart of the storm, fearing a longer stay would bring uneasiness to the castle; so I gave her protection, a guide and a promise to receive her in a few days for the confessional and some religious direction; and I feel sure she will visit me within the week.

All that Robert Cecil thought valueless has been our loss, and all that he thought feeble our stay.

The news that Mr. Allworthy was dangerously ill (for a servant had brought word that he was dying) broke off Tom's stay at Mr. Western's, and drove all the thoughts of love out of his head.

By this opportunity Davison & Cook return sickGirty is flying aboutMcCarty stays with me with some Ottawasthese unsteady Rogues put me out of all patience,I will go with him in a few days, if nothing material occursSee the Enemy that I may not be laugh'd at then return.

The biographer can quote letters for his purpose, and Mr. Birrell omits to tell us that Charlotte wrote "had any evil consequences followed a prolonged stay, I should never have forgiven myself".

Behind the building they raised a shed in which the horses could be sheltered, as all of them foresaw a long stay, dragging into winter with its sleet and snow, and it was important to save the animals.

Meanwhile Lord Pevensey came every day to the Marquis of Falmouth's lodgings at Deptford; and every day Lord Pevensey pointed out to the marquis's daughter that Pevensey, whose wife had died in childbirth a year back, did not intend to go into France, for nobody could foretell how long a stay, as a widower.

Yet hath he spar'd thy kingly father's life: Who during life to thee a double stay, As father and as husband, will remain, With double love to ease thy widow's want, Of him whose want is cause of thy complaint.

Over and above the raging epidemic they had just gone over Attica and ascertained the devastations committed by the invaders throughout all the territoryexcept the Marathonian Tetrapolis and Deceleia, districts spared, as we are told, through indulgence founded on an ancient legendary sympathyduring their long stay of forty days.

The captain of the frigate had his boat rowed to the main-stay; but they got the stay over part of the head of the boat, and were in great danger, before they got Hibbs on board.

"This day in former years, I have hailed my dear father's stay among us; but now, he has left our dark abode to join his friends above; and this day, his death is to be improved by Mr. Hopkins New Street, and Mr. McKitrick, in Albion Street Chapel.

The glory of the world hath no more stay, But as it comes, it fleets, and fades away. LEI.

This prize goes without dispute to a guest in our midst, a gentleman who is visiting here but whose stay we will hope will be long and merryin short to the noble camel who has entertained us all by his hungry look and his brilliant dancing throughout the evening.

The withdrawal of the United States troops, after some ten days' service, was a signal for fresh excitement, and an address, numerously signed, was presented to the United States Government, imploring their continued stay.

And it was whispered in the female conclave of the housekeeper's room, that her Lady-ship seemed even to like tolace her own stays!!

In this happy clime I have nothing to induce my stay.

"Eh bien, madame?" asked her maid,a Frenchwoman whom she had brought with her from Paris,as she unlaced her stays.

The two great purposes of giving the president a negative upon legislative acts, are to protect the proper authority of the executive from the encroachments of the congress, and to interpose a stay on hasty legislation.

In November the Montagus interrupted their stay at Vienna to visit some of the German Courts.

The cases of Aunt Amy and the peculiar Mrs. Coombe seemed to justify his staying on.

When the bell rang the next morning, Aunt Mercy gave me a preparatory shake before she began to dress, and while she walked up and down the room lacing her stays entreated me to get up.

My first measure was to lead the jib-stay, which had parted near the head of its own mast, to the head of the main-mast.

So I left her stay where she was.

"Y'all done brung me heah," she blustered with emphasis, "an' heah I'se gwine t' stay.

I did not urge your staying because I do so hate to be urged myself.

I have bethought mee better nowe to keepe This business secrett, least it chance to arryve To th'eares of some of my most noble frends; And not to make it publicke and this honest Purpose of myne by that meanes misreated, Heare lett her stay till night bycause I am loath In th'eye of day to move her through the streetes.

And I see with joy that the shadder on my pardner's face lifted quite a little durin' our stay there, but of course this belated us and we didn't git to St. Louis till Saturday late in the afternoon.

1, The sensitive sole; 2, the sensitive frog[A](a) its median lacuna, (6) its lateral lacuna; 3. V-shaped depression accommodating the toe-stay; 4, the sensitive laminรฆ which interleave with the horny laminรฆ of the bar.]

The assembly promised that the company would care for his family, and limited his stay in camp.

Always well loosen the patient's stays; and, when she is recovering, and able to swallow, give 20 drops of sal volatile in a little water.

A SIBERIAN BLIZZARD LOST ON THE STEPPE Our short stay at Shestakรณva, while waiting for the Penzhina sledges, was dismal and lonesome beyond expression.

Thanks, gentle Shepherd, and beshrew my stay, That made me fearful I had lost my way: As fast as my weak Legs (that cannot be Weary with seeking him) will carry me, I'll seek him out; and for thy Courtesie Pray Pan thy Love may ever follow thee.

There was never any use in refusing to obey Larryโ€™s orders, and as he got into his clothes I gave him in as few words as possible the chief incidents that had marked my stay at Glenarm House.

Quickly yet cautiously he raised himself again, and his clutching fingers met the stays of the foremast.

50 Our wants exact at least that moderate stay: For see the Dragon winged on his way, To watch the travail, and devour the prey.

"You will not mind my staying, I hope, George," she said, as she resumed her seat.

Once or twice his craft missed stays in consequence of getting so much by the head, and it was deemed necessary to heave-to, and take to the axes.

This mischance necessitated our staying overnight at the only hostelry in the place.

I fear I so abbreviated my stay at Montreuil that the good inn-keeper was offended.

They were not equally poor, these young ladies, and among them were the daughters of needy artists, whose wandering existence did not permit them a long stay in Venice.

Lanyard read: "Kindly place yourself beginning with dinner to-night and for duration his stay in Paris at the commands of Paul Martin, Hรดtel Chatham, lunatic but harmless and of great value to us.

Tell Mrs. Salusbury that I beg her stay at Streatham, for little Lucy's sake.

The word, I am informed, is still in common use, particularly in the country among the farmers' daughters and servants, for a piece of wood to preserve the stays from being bent.

She came at first a meek admitted guest, Pretending a short stay; her whole deportment Seem'd as of one obliged.

He merely stipulated that, since his business affairs prevented an indefinite stay in Lichfield, Colonel Musgrave should presently remove to New York City, where the older man held ready for him a purely ornamental and remunerative position with the Insurance Company of which Roger Stapylton was president.

"Everything is settled about you and me?" "There is nothing to prevent your staying at Mardykes now," said Sir Bale graciously.

His gaiety and propension to jesting did not forsake him in his last moments; when he laid his head upon the block, he bad the executioner stay till he had removed aside his beard, saying, "that that had never committed treason."

Then I went into the large room on the right; no one was there, and I stood by the window trying to make up my mind in regard to proposing a brief stay at the inn.

However, as there was little time for consultation, and the same danger attended their stay, in that perplexity and confusion, as their return, they bound up his wound with his scarf, and partly by force, partly by entreaty, carried him to the boats, in which they all embarked by break of day.

To purchase the stay of his cousin Praslin, on whom he can depend, and to leave no cranny open, he has ceded the marine and colonies to the Duc de Praslin, and taken the foreign and military department himself.

They purpose not the lingering stay Of old beleaguerers; not that way; But, full of vim from Western prairies won, They'll make, ere long, a dash at Donelson.

It was a good fifteen feet to the deck of the sloop, and he could not reach the steel stay by which he must descend.

I reckon on you to-morrow, about eleven o'clockto stay all night, next day, and the night following, if you like; so good bye, till then.

Several figures hovered about her, adjusting stays and putting finishing touches to her complicated mechanism.

A third flash of lightning confirmed our fears as to the dangerous situation we were in; and as there was not room to veer the helm was immediately put a-lee; but, as was feared, the cutter refused stays.

I should not regret a stay here with our two geologists if only the weather would allow us to get about.

Still they always welcomed a stay in a city over night.

"There's been some sort of ugly business going on, I'm afraid," came the reply; "for we're replacing several wire stays that look as if they'd been partly eaten by a corrosive acid.

I wrote you some time after requesting a stay of action on the part of the committee, in the hope that, long before this, I could show them the Telegraph in Washington;

Appius indeed had dismissed him, but the commonwealth, and the army, required his stay.

The pyramidical dome, of the form employed in Stephenson's locomotives, presents a considerable extent of flat surface to the pressure of the steam, and this flat surface requires to be very strongly stayed with angle irons and tension rods; whereas the semiglobular dome of the kind employed in Bury's engines requires no staying whatever.

But I suppose I sat there ten or fifteen minutes before Virginia came to the door; and then, while she had all her wraps on, she was in her anxiety just taking a look at the weather, debating in her mind whether to try for the safety of the fireside, or risk the stay in the schoolhouse with no fuel.

An' he sais: 'Yo' stay by me, boy.