110 Verbs to Use for the Word steaming

He found at the wharf a small steamer, the captain of which agreed to take him off to the ships; but there was some delay in getting up steam.

Beat well together with some bread-crumbs; fill a mold with the pudding and let steam one hour; then boil the sauce in which the fish was cooked, add 1 tablespoonful of butter, chopped parsley and chopped onion.

The engineer had seen the light and cut off steam.

The cylinders shook, a gland blew steam, and the pump clashed and rocked.

By the outward motion of the arms, they partially shut off the steam from the engine.

He was conscious of cruel torment and a clumsy transfer into another vehicle, confused sounds of groans, curses, waving lights, and the hissing of escaping steam almost in his very ears.

"I'll go down and raise some extra steam," he said.

The former on its way down the foothills to the sea runs into reservoirs and the inhabitants conduct the steam from it through pipes into rooms set up high, where they use the steam for vapor baths.

The former on its way down the foothills to the sea runs into reservoirs and the inhabitants conduct the steam from it through pipes into rooms set up high, where they use the steam for vapor baths.

A spring shower, hardly fallen, was already drying on the sidewalks, and from the patch of Bryant Park across the maze of car-tracks there stole the immemorial scent of rain-water and black earth, a just-set-out crescent of hyacinths giving off their light steam of fragrance.

Much alarmed, he went softly down into the yard, and, going to the first jar to ask the robber if he was ready, smelt the hot boiled oil, which sent forth a steam out of the jar.

But till Watt invented it anew in 1782, by admitting the steam alternately at both ends of the cylinder, it was too awkward and clumsy to become a practical navigator.

Salt water produces surcharged steam.

The washing-house will probably be attached to the kitchen; but it is better that it should be completely detached from it, and of one story, with a funnel or shaft to carry off the steam.

Q.What other forms of apparatus are there for working steam expansively?

Turf will generate rather more steam than wood.

This being so, the engineer, when he wishes to start the engine, first opens a small valve called the blow through valve, which permits steam from the boiler to enter the engine both above and below the piston, and also to fill the condenser and air pump.

Q.Is it a beneficial practice to make cylinders with steam jackets? A.In Cornwall, where great attention is paid to economy of fuel, all the engines are made with steam jackets, and in some cases a flue winds spirally round the cylinder, for keeping the steam hot.

It was he who first applied steam to propel a vessel and navigated the Hudson for the first time with steam and paddle-wheels and vessel in 1807.

Q.Supposing, then, that you had to proportion a boiler, which should be capable of supplying steam sufficient to propel a steam vessel or railway train at a given speed, or to perform any other given work, how would you proceed? A.I would first ascertain the resistance which had to be overcome, and the velocity with which it was necessary to overcome it.

At its side there is a tube I, for the admission of water to condense the steam, and which is governed by a cock, by opening which to any required extent, a jet of cold water may be made to play in the condenser.

If carefully baked, the potatoes will be covered with a delicate brown crust, retaining all the savoury steam rising from the meat.

But if you are working your engine hard the blower should never be used; if you have bad fuel and it is necessary to stop your engine you will find it very convenient to put on the blower slightly, in order to hold your steam and keep the fire lively until you start again.

" Pen started by putting more steam behind every blow.

By throttling the steam, therefore, in the manner here indicated, the amount of expansion due to the lap may be doubled, so that an engine with lap enough upon the valve to cut off the steam at two-thirds of the stroke, may, by the aid of wire drawing, be virtually rendered capable of cutting off the steam at one-third of the stroke.

110 Verbs to Use for the Word  steaming