50 Verbs to Use for the Word stir

More than once he had thought to hear again that indefinable stir and whisper the which had thrilled him on that first morning, and, starting up, he would peer into the vague shadows.

She felt that her own departure would create scarcely a stir; for, without Abraham, she was only one of a group of poor, old women in a semi-charity home.

Then one morning came a long, businesslike envelope, with a typewritten address, that caused a stir in the family circle.

The humming-bird, too, dwells in these noble woods, and may oftentimes be seen glancing among the flowers or resting wing-weary on some leafless twig; here also are the familiar robin of the orchards, and the brown and grizzly bears so obviously fitted for these majestic solitudes; and the Douglas squirrel, making more hilarious, exuberant, vital stir than all the bears, birds, and humming wings together.

Watch, boss!" Lenore strained her eyes and felt a stir of her pulses.

But Beltane, seeing the captive stir, shook off Black Roger's grasp; but now, one laughed, and Walkyn towered above him, white teeth agleam, who, staring down at Sir Pertolepe, whirled up his bloody axe to smite.

It is all very nice to say to our poets, "You have sky and wood and waterfall and men and women,in short, the entire outfit of Shakspeare; Nature is the same here as elsewhere"; and when the popular lecturer says it, the popular audience gives a stir of approval.

Evidently some partisan thought he ought, for he smote him on the thigh with the toe of his boot and raised such a stir as a rude stranger might had he smitten a troubadour in Arthur's Court.

"What means this restless stir and commotion of mind?"Murray's Key, 8vo, p. 242.

Polly replied that she had forgotten most of the particulars connected with that curious murder, but that she fully remembered the stir and flutter it had caused in a certain section of London Society.

How in fact could you feel interest unless you should know, within you, some dim stir of imagination?

Just before serving stir into the soup three hard-boiled eggs, finely chopped.

It will be gathered even from these bare descriptions that Giovanni introduced a stir of life and movement, and felt his subjects with a poetic intensity, alien to the ideal of Graeco-Roman sculpture.

The personages, moreover, are wanting in the play of creative effect, and the incidents lack the stir of inventive resource.

When the early soft spring wind comes blowing Over Rhodes and Samos and Miletus, From the seven mouths of Nile to Lesbos, Freighted with sea-odours and gold sunshine, What news spreads among the island people 5 In the market-place of Mitylene, Lending that unwonted stir of gladness To the busy streets and thronging doorways?

Emily, who loved a stir, and a joyous chattering, felt her spirits rise.

[AMSTERDAM] Lo, my soul, look forth abroad And mark the busy stir: Wouldst thou say, in pride and scorn, Our God is not in her!

Nor was there want of milder thoughts, of love Of innocence, and holiday repose; And more than pastoral quiet, 'mid the stir Of boldest projects, and a peaceful end 175 At last, or glorious, by endurance won.

Nor did Lloyd notice the stir when one of the court attendants made way through the crush for a distinguished-looking man, evidently a person of particular importance, who was given a chair on the platform occupied by the three black-robed judges.

There passed through the group a stir and a murmur.

he printand wakes, to sleep no more The world goes on, indifferent, as before; And the first notice of his metric skill Comes in the likeness ofhis printer's bill; To pen soft notes no fair enthusiast stirs, Except his laundressand who values her's?

And then, picture the bustle at the different headquarters, the stir amongst the signalers, the frantic pipings of the telephone "buzzers," the sharp calls.

He started in to rattle an' to bang an' poke an' stir, An' the dust began a-climbin' up through every register Till Ma said: "Goodness gracious; go an' shut those things up tight

Everywhere prevails a cheerful stir of busy life.

This announcement produced a stir on board the Rancocus, as may well be imagined.

50 Verbs to Use for the Word  stir