59 Verbs to Use for the Word stool

" Samuel gave a weak smile, and drawing up a stool took the cat upon his knee.

From the time of her death no one had ever spoken to me of my mamma, and I had apparently forgotten her; yet I had a habit which perhaps had not been observed, of taking my little stool, which had been my mamma's footstool, and a doll, which my mamma had drest for me, while she was sitting in her elbow-chair, her head supported with pillows.

" Sam Cotting, being himself of great local importance, had never regarded with favor the rivalry of the nabob, but he placed stools near the telephone booth for the three girls, who accepted the courtesy with a graciousness that ought to have disarmed the surly storekeeper.

" He brought a stool and sat by her bedside.

As he turned on the squealing stool, they saw his face white and strangely wrought.

They had moved a ponderous stool into the room so that Bull might have something on which to sit, but long habit had made him uneasy in a chair, and he kept to the floor by preference, with the great square chin resting on his fist and his knee supporting his elbow.

" He pushed back the stools.

"He hasn't got any stool, and you keep him standin' on those legs of his like matches.

A friend of Mortimer's occupied the music stool and Cartwright admitted that the fellow played well, although he was something like a character from a Gilbert opera.

"Peggy," said he, plunging at the heart of things, "where's that will?" Miss Hugonin kicked forward a little foot-stool to the other side of the fire, and sat down and complacently smoothed out her skirts.

He made the sign of the cross and set back his stool.

he exclaimed; and, stooping, picked the stool up again.

" Moon rose over the trees and accomplished the difficult feat of holding the stool still and beaming at the same time with a fair degree of success, and the rehearsal began.

She had cast her pearls before swine; and with a haughty stare at the offending Timothy, she left the stool, and walking back to her former seat, said: "I leave the tunes to your sister, who, I believe, plays sometimes.

" Madeline did not accept the stool Miss Wimple offered her, but, availing herself of the pause to assume a forced calmness which left her paler than at first, she fixed her flashing eyes steadily on the deep, still eyes of her companion, and asked, "You did not turn this card, then?you did not look on the other side?"

Linnet laughed, gave him one of her pails, and found an other milking stool for him.

But his successor, Robert de Lymeseywhose greed appears to have been notable in a greedy agehaving the king's permission to farm the monastic revenues until the appointment of a new abbot, held it for seven years, and then, in 1102, removed his stool to Coventry.

Did I approach my stool to her feet, she moved away, as if to give me room.

"Are yoh hungry?" He nodded, got up briskly, held up his train, and dragged his high stool to the table, scrambled up, and established himself.

Then they threw down his stool, pulled him up again from the ground on which he had fallen, and reseated him with the greatest possible brutality.

She rose and vacated the music-stool as she spoke.

She is a hussy!" Plunging down, down, down, until ducking-stool and occupant were completely buried beneath the water, sank the victim, and on the air came a gurgling sound: "She's a hussy!"

That night, then, the sala presented a curious aspect, being filled with friars and clerks seated on Vienna chairs, stools of black wood, and marble benches of Cantonese origin, before little square tables, playing cards or conversing among themselves, under the brilliant glare of the gilt chandeliers or the subdued light of the Chinese lanterns, which were brilliantly decorated with long silken tassels.

Peacock Preceded by a tonic composed of softening laxatives to prevent dry stools.

" "But it so neat and clean," said Betty, pulling a three-legged stool toward the fire, and surveying the recently scrubbed floor; "we are cold and weary, and you are very good to take us in.

59 Verbs to Use for the Word  stool
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