55 Verbs to Use for the Word strawberry

I went into the garden just now to pick some strawberries.

He received them with a listless smile and laid them upon his knee; as he bade her again to eat the strawberries she brought them to his side, now and then coaxing a "particularly splendid" one into his mouth, pressing them between his lips with her stained fingers.


" He tried fust, and found some strawberries that George 'ad spoilt by sitting on.

8 Willow brought home strawberries and made a shortcake.

It was introduced as I plucked a strawberry from a border on which I had bestowed much cultivation before it would produce anything; but now, thought I, this is a little like reaping the fruit of my labor.

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It very much resembles strawberries in taste, and, like them, is eaten with wine and sugar.

Time.1/4 hour to 20 minutes to simmer the strawberries in the syrup.

If they are found to be knotty, half green, or in a state of decadence, and you are bound to buy strawberries, you can take them, and, by your native woman's wit, you can dress them into a state of palatableness, even if you have to reduce them to a pulp in the sacred mysteries of a short-cake.

Place on top a mass of whipped cream, already sweetened and flavored then a single strawberry, sprinkle with shelled pecans.

" "You don't, don't you?" said Cecilia, provoked; and catching the hat from Louisa, she flung the strawberries over the hedge.

Neither does this luxurious poet forget the wild strawberry, which disappears beneath its modest foliage, but whose presence the scented air reveals.

When I was finished it hadn't stopped, so I got another sodaa strawberry.

Charlotte Benson, who was clever and efficient and exceedingly at home, cut up a cake that was before her, and gave the boys some strawberries, and offered some to me.

Well, we can't all grow strawberries and lie round on our backs reading hydraulics.

Rush, in and out of his chair a dozen times, to flip the ash from his cigarette, to light one for Mary, to hand the strawberries round again, was tugging at his moorings like a captive balloon.

But I am confident that you will then be able to reconcile our having luncheon on the front porch, our coming to the table with our coats and collars on, and our having strawberries to eat in spite of the fact that we raise them ourselves, with the indisputable truth that we makeor are attempting to makeour living off the soil.

Ester was sitting upon the back porch, hulling strawberries and watching with absent amusement the tireless efforts of Jane to induce a very fat and entirely brainless pup to shake hands.

Dip some cups in cold water, drain, and lay fresh strawberries, currants, or cherries in the bottom of each in the form of a star or cross.

Pick off the stalks, lay the strawberries in a dish, and sprinkle over them half the quantity of sugar, which must be finely pounded.

Who does not like Strawberries?

"Oh, I don't mind the strawberries, indeed; but I wanted to have had the pleasure of giving them to you.

When the rice is done, place in the bottom of cups previously moistened with cold water, five nice hulled strawberries in the shape of a star.

Beside this, at the head of the table before her grandmother, he placed scarlet strawberries gathered that morning under white dews.

55 Verbs to Use for the Word  strawberry