528 Verbs to Use for the Word strength

It gives strength to the system, weakened by labor or reduced by the corrupted and debilitating atmosphere of the cities.

Here she spent many weeks resting and gaining her strength.

His big gray cousin is a looser animal, seemingly light enough to float on the wind; yet when leaping from limb to limb, or out of one tree-top to another, he sometimes halts to gather strength, as if making efforts concerning the upshot of which he does not always feel exactly confident.

Finding myself, weakened as well as relieved, by the operation, he invited me to rest myself; and while I was recovering my strength, he discoursed with the Brahmin and myself on several of his favourite topics.

Somewhere she found the strength of a man to lift him and place him face upward on the sand, the gun trailing limply in his hand.

He knew the strength of oak and ash; the swing of oar, the curve of prow, the dash of wave, and the curling breaker's sweep.

Kneel then, and try your strength of Virtue.

"] She turned down a side street and disappeared, and Babette felt her strength and mind both failing her now that she was out of danger.

We had sweated the canvas on her, even to the flying jib and a huge club topsail she sometimes carried at the main, for the afternoon trades had lost their strength.

To regain strength you should take means to increase the amount of iron in your blood.

If the enemy increased his strength south of Jerusalem to oppose the advance of the 53rd Division, General Chetwode proposed that the 60th and 74th Divisions should force straight through to the Jerusalem-Nablus road, the 60th throwing out a flank to the south-east, so as to cut off the Turks opposing the 53rd from either the Nablus or the Jericho road.

The wait-and-see policy prevailed, but long before we exerted our full strength Bagdad was out of the danger zone.

Never threatening to become a championship winning team Boston played steadily with what strength it possessed and always a little better than in 1911, so that the year could not fairly be considered unsuccessful at its finish.

I understood that they were taught, like our sex, all the speculative branches of knowledge, but that they were more especially instructed, by professed teachers, in cookery, needlework, and every sort of domestic economy; as were the young men in the occupations which require strength and exposure.

The courage and the wish were there, but the team lacked the playing strength.

I need your strength, and must I steady you?

As his day, he trusts his strength will be; and he must not waste the strength which God has given him for to-day on vain fears or vain dreams about to-morrow.

But the zealot should recollect, that he is labouring by this frequency of excommunication, against his own cause, and voluntarily adding strength to the enemies of truth.

If only they would develop that particular kind of power instead of coming around in front of the throne to lay down the law!instead of measuring their man-strength against man.

Why should I hesitate to use my superior strength when no one else did?

A rumour of the intended marriage of his perjured mistress reached his ears, and, struck to the soul, he endeavoured, by manual labour, to exhaust his strength and banish the recollection of his misery.

My hand became loose in his hand; he grasped me still, but my hold failed, and ever with slower and slower steps I followed, while he seemed to acquire strength with every winding of the way.

Then it was he bethought himself of the Minute Boys, who were not absolutely needed in Cherry Valley after the hundred and fifty soldiers were quartered there, and, without knowing how they might be able to aid him in the almost hopeless task, he set off at full speed for our home, travelling by night as by day, with no more halts than were absolutely necessary in order to recruit his strength.

Perhaps that is the reason military nations hold sway so long; their reign continues, not because they draw strength from the conquered nation, but because their women are roused to exertion.

I struggled to extricate myself, and passion lent me momentary strength; but it was insufficient.

528 Verbs to Use for the Word  strength