223 Verbs to Use for the Word structures

After we had built a long, low structure, windows were forthcoming, shelves, tables, sinks, faucets, forges, burners, all cut out, fitted and ready to put together, each with its proper screws, nails, clamps, or pipes ready to our hands.

This stream, with the broad alder marsh that stretches away on either side, was doubtless once a beaver dam; and we thought we could discover where these singular and sagacious animals had erected the structure that made for them an artificial lake.

I went in to examine the structure a few hours after the Turks had been compelled to evacuate the town, and whilst they were then shelling it with unpleasant severity.

And are we then to leave them with glad faces turned to that new day wherein, above the ashes of old errors and follies and mischances and miseries, they were to raise the structure of such a happiness as earth rarely witnesses?

The surface of the glacier was further characterized by dirt bands and the outcropping edges of the blue veins, showing the laminated structure of the ice.

Also, there may be something in the theory that the sudden change of temperature, at sundown, affects the structure of the house, somewhatcausing it to contract and settle, as it were, for the night.

The science which describes the structure of living things.

But an additional motive actuated the diplomatists of 1839, viz., Belgium was henceforth to be the corner-stone supporting the structure commonly designated "the balance of power in Europe.

However closely we study our bodily structure, we are, at our best, but imperfect observers of the handiwork of Him who made us as we are.

They pervade the entire educational structure from kindergarten through college.

I should explain their structure very fully, and show how each illustrated the great principles of zoology.

"The League of Nations created by the Treaty is relied upon to preserve the artificial structure which has been erected by compromise of the conflicting interests of the Great Powers and to prevent the germination of the seeds of war which are sown in so many articles and which under normal conditions would soon bear fruit.

CANTO III Close by those meads, forever crowned with flowers, Where Thames with pride surveys his rising towers, There stands a structure of majestic frame, Which from the neighbouring Hampton takes its name.

A shell exploded just behind the Command Post and violently shook the whole structure and a storm of stones hit the log framework.

I have considered the structure of all volant animals, and find the folding continuity of the bat's wings most easily accommodated to the human form.

" Genius builds on a slight foundation, and rears beautiful structures on "the baseless fabric of a vision."

Then he happened to glance upward and saw a peculiar structure of pine twigs and branches that stood on a cliff-ledge.

Castration after puberty cannot modify profoundly structures like the skeleton which are already completed.

These organs are encroached upon by globules of fat (a hydrocarbon), which, while very good in their proper place and quantity, become a source of disorder and even of death when they abnormally invade vital structures.

Stop for smoke, eh?v'là! good place for camp away there, kitchee hogeemaus endaut, big chief's house may-be!" grinned he, as he indicated with Indian instinct and a wavering finger a structure of some kind that peered through the fog at a short distance on our left.

These slabs were then so cut and arranged that, when they were piled upon each other round the margin of the circle, they formed a dome-shaped structure like a bee-hive, which was six feet high inside, and remarkably solid.

And, in the anthracitic coals, this process appears to have gone to such a length, as to destroy the original structure altogether, and to replace it by a completely carbonized substance.

Vol.1: Statically determinate structures.

We walked out in the cold to find some church, and, entering a large, irregular Gothic structure, much out of repair, we pressed towards the altar where the funeral service of the Catholic Church was performing over a corpse which lay before it.

How can they alter the structure of their bodies, and empty their veins of blood, and fill them with the subtle electricity which serves us as a life force?

223 Verbs to Use for the Word  structures