17 Verbs to Use for the Word strut

Our only retort to the good-humoured ridicule with which we are occasionally treated is to adopt an affected strut, and to carry it off as if we were the finest fellows in the world.

"Bust the V strut," said Toddles cheerfully.

So that's where she developed her beach strut, Joe thought.

The Author dreads the strut and meen Of new prais'd Poets, having often seen Some of his Fellows, who have writ before, When Nel has danc'd her Jig, steal to the Door, Hear the Pit clap, and with conceit of that Swell, and believe themselves the Lord knows what.

And then the men had the panel back in its place, and were hasting to drive the supporting struts into their positions.

He racks his brains until he rummages out imperfect memories of the turgid paragraphs of cheap newspapers and novels which he has some time or other read, and forthwith struts off with all the finest feathers in the dictionary rustling about him.

His stature was but medium, not exceeding five feet four inches, I think; and to make the most of it, he flung his head far back, and gave himself a little strut in walking.

It will be a grim business, Gemmell, as you know, and if I am Sentimental Tommy through it all, why grudge me my comic little strut?" David said, "You can't take her to London.

These stupendous wings, the captain now saw, were not braced together by hampering struts and wires, but seemed cantilevered into position, giving a clean run to the structure, great simplicity, and the acme of mechanical beauty.

As the chain had stretched a little, we were able to lengthen slightly the struts so as to give a little more clearance; it was also possible to shift the brace about a quarter of an inch, and the machine once more ran freely under all conditions.

Poor Dory, indeedbut let only those who have not loved too well to love wisely strut at his expense by pitying him; for, in matters of the heart, sophisticated and unsophisticated act much alike.

'But do you reckon I'm a-goin' to let them mill men strut around with money they got that-a-way in their pockets?

Oh, I know you 're big and hearty, So you needn't strut and drum, Better make your will out, smarty, 'Cause, you know, November's come.

Trees are heavy with blossom, peacocks strut in the glades and a general lethargy seizes the cowherds.

Accordingly he took a survey of the plane from tip to tip of the wings; looked over the motor, tested every strut and stay, leaving nothing to Jack, who was fairly quivering with the intensity of his feelings.

They viewed the strut of plain Mr.

In hope of picking, Swans, turkeys, peacocks, ducks and chicken, Fowls of all ranks surround his hut, To worship his important strut.

17 Verbs to Use for the Word  strut