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86 Verbs to Use for the Word superior

It would seem that he travelled from city to city to administer justice, like the judges of England on their circuits; but, unlike them, on his own supreme authority,not with power delegated by a king, but acknowledging no superior except God himself, from whom he received his commission.

So when the humble address their superiors, or when children write to austere grandfathers, they suffer from an awkwardness of mental attitude which is the paralysis of all spontaneity.

" Respecting Tsz-ch'an, the Master said that he had four of the essential qualities of the 'superior man':in his own private walk he was humble-minded; in serving his superiors he was deferential; in his looking after the material welfare of the people he was generously kind; and in his exaction of public service from the latter he was just.

For ten years he had lived to prove his cunning superior to that of man.

"I know when I have met my superior.

At the conclusion he politely dismissed them with the salutation, "Go where you will, in God's name;" and the abashed and disappointed gendarme was obliged to imitate his superior and make them a parting bow.

On the subject of mere birth, as it is ordinarily estimated, whether it come from pride, or philosophy, or the habit of commanding as a soldier those who might be deemed my superiors as men, I have never been very sensitive.

In the estimation of modern critics the highest rank as an historian is assigned to Tacitus, and it would indeed be difficult to find his superior in any age or country.

"And what is that?" asked his superior.

The Moorish mode of saluting attracted my attention; when on a level in point of rank, the officers embrace each other, and then kiss the back of their own hand; but in saluting a superior, they kiss the hem of his garment; upon which he presents his hand, and they salute it.

She was not a person to pass without mental comment, and Mr. Lord instantly felt himself in the presence of an equal, an unusual fact in his experience; he would not have known a superior if he had met one ever so often!

A policy properly mingling firmness and conciliation brought peace to Europe and showed him equal to his father; a policy mingling love of liberty with love of order brought the dawn of prosperity to Russia and showed him the superior of his father.

And if we to-day had the power to drive out the English by superior brute force, we would be counted their superiors, and in spite of our inexperience in debating at the Council table or in holding executive offices, we would be held fit to govern ourselves.

It was scarcely possible, however, to retain officials in the service of the state once they refused to obey their superiors.

BECKMAN, ROMNEY O. How to train superiors; manual and outline for determinate discussion.

but I'll make you see some that will dazzle you, if you don't treat your superior more respectfully.

Sweetwater carefully returned the hat to its peg, turned the key in the door, and softly followed his superior back into the dining-room, and thence to their former retreat.

To be convinced that, at some period or another of their history, the Egyptians had conceived a beau-ideal superior to the beautiful which nature habitually produced in their country, we have only to examine the young Memnon, at the British Museum, and the heads of many of the sphinxes which remain.

" Which wasn't quite true; but Sweetwater wasn't a stickler for truth, except in the statements he gave his superiors.

" Rolfe assured his superior of his conviction that the pay at Scotland Yard ought to be higher for all ranksespecially the rank and file.

Much was also said, vauntingly, in behalf of the Republic's justice, for the humbled are bold enough in praising their superiors; and he, who had been dumb for years on subjects of a public nature, now found his voice like a fearless freeman.

" "You informed your superiors, I suppose?" "Pardon me, monsieur," said the Italian blandly to the Chief, who asked the question, "but have you any right to inquire into my conduct towards my superiors?

Ye've niver asked, serjeant, how the majjor got into the house, and ye a military sentry in the bargain!" "I suppose he came by command, Michael, and it is not the duty of the non-commissioned officers to question their superiors about anything that has happened out of the common way.

Yet Simcoe made appointments without consulting his superior and argued the point after he had been brought to book.

The child must discover in us no passion, no weakness of which he can make use; he must feel himself powerless to deceive or to trouble us; then he will recognize in us his natural superiors, and he will attach a special value to our kindness, because he will respect it.

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