38 Verbs to Use for the Word survival

It was an epoch of that life where life itself means the survival of the fittest, where to live means to kill, and to die means to perpetuate life.

Therefore, we have no option but to take as much of your land as will insure the very survival of the proud nation that we are.

They represent the survival of an earlier industrial stage.

Indeed for some time past it has merely owed its survival to the old age of the Emperor, who has a natural reluctance to destroy his own creation.

Darwin argues that the tail-brush may have materially helped to secure the survival of those species of beasts that possessed it, and no doubt he is right.

It is curious to find a survival of this source of superstition in modern European folk-lore.

Incidentally may be noted the one defect in Mr. Plummer's great workits author's almost irritating insistence on pagan origins, nature myths, and heathen survivals.

Their control and utilization are basic in determining the survival or elimination of rivals in the competitive struggle.

Men tell us that the one thing to do is to promote and protect the particular trade, or industry, or corporation in which we have a share: the laws of trade will work out that survival of the fittest which is the only real righteousness, and if we survive that will prove that we are fit.

In examining these survivals of primitive culture we are confronted with some of the most elaborate problems of primeval philosophy, many of which are not only highly complicated, but have given rise to various conjectures.

She exhibits a survival or recrudescence of savage phenomena, real or feigned, of convulsion and of secondary personality, and entertains a survival of the animistic explanation.

I had half expected in Canadian speeches some survival of the Redskin's elaborate appeal to Suns, Moons, and Mountainstouches of grandiosity and ceremonial invocations.

This may be so, but the truth offers little consolation when we observe that most white people in the South are of this class; and the tendency of this element to put their children to work before they secure much education does not indicate that the South will soon experience that general enlightenment necessary to exterminate these survivals of barbarism.

WOMEN AS PRIVATE PROPERTY It is obvious, however, that since the human infant needs parental care much longer than young animals need it, natural selection must have favored the survival of the offspring of couples who did not separate after a mating period but remained together some years.

They painfully gathered in out-of-the-way nooks from the lips of old grandames in chimney corners and wandering singers in obscure villages, the survivals of the primitive superstitions of the people.

Monopoly capitalist society assumes that productivity, wealth and fire-power, effectively co-ordinated under competent authority, will guarantee survival and perhaps win supremacy.

These new rulers, who added the Byzantine Empire to Islâm, who with Egypt brought Southern and Western Arabia with the Holy Cities also under their authority, and caused all the neighbouring princes, Moslim and Christian alike, to tremble on their thrones, thought it was time to abolish the senseless survival of the Abbasid glory.

II, No. 4), the encroachments of tillage (mainly of tobacco, which likes the same soil), are forcing it from its cherished haunts, thus jeopardizing its survival.

We also have to lament the non-survival of a Phillida and Corin, which, we learn from the Revels' accounts, was acted by the Queen's men before the court, at Greenwich, on St. Stephen's day, 1584.

Meanwhile, however, they linger on, a survival in culture, and in millions of homes today

It is a case where might makes rightthe survival of the fittest.

There are others who think that the Indian has been absurdly pampered by the Government, and that it would be as sensible to try to change the arrangement of seasons as to attempt to prevent the survival of the fittest, or, in other words, to interfere with the gradual, but in their opinion inevitable, extermination of the Indian.

Nor is it true that war in these days encourages eugenics by promoting the survival of the fittest.

Still, it heartened him to hope that their friendshipsince it was to be no moremight prove a survival, or rather a veritable renaissance, of the beautiful old Greek spirit in such matters.

Fenton quotes a curious survival, in the borough of Newtown-upon-Ayr, of this very compromise between the old and the new social systemsa Scottish Jubilee.

38 Verbs to Use for the Word  survival