21 Verbs to Use for the Word synonym

But for the six generic terms just given let us see how many synonyms you can find for yourself.

EXERCISE L Trace each of the following words from its literal to its figurative applications, giving synonyms for each of its uses.

Then for it in each of these applications assemble as many synonyms as you can unaided.

Thus in listing the synonyms of love they include such terms as kindness and lenity, words only through stretched usage connected with love.

Then under it write all the synonyms that come forthwith to your mind.

He continues his poetic synonyms for the night.

A compact, practical volume, with antonyms (in italics for contrast) immediately following synonyms.

Use of Simpler Words.+In defining terms by giving a synonym we must be careful to choose a synonym which will be most likely to be understood by our listeners, or our explanation will be of no avail.

The same schoolmaster uses seven synonyms in describing the "fashion" of speech of the ignorant constable, "undressed, unpolished, uneducated, unpruned, untrained, or, rather unlettered, or, ratherest, unconfirmed, fashion."

His peers in birth shook their heads, and muttered the German synonym for "crank."

Chapters VI, VII, VIII, and IX are based on the fact that we need synonyms as our constant lackeysthat we should be able to summon, not a word that will do, but a word that will express the idea with precision.

This book offers synonyms that are apropos and definite rather than comprehensive.

A labourer in Buckinghamshire, being asked how the rector of the village was, replied, "Well, he's getting wonderful old; but they do tell me that his understanding's no worse than it always was"a pagan synonym for the hackneyed phrase that one is in full possession of one's faculties.

I place Olivier's Synonym in this case first; because the Fabrician description is so erroneous, that did we not know the original insect in the Banksian Collection, there would be no possibility of making it out.

And, finally, the translators of French poems often found it easier to transfer a foreign word bodily than to seek out a native synonym, particularly when the former supplied them with a rhyme.

In considering pairs we have, without using the word, been studying synonyms.

Draw a line under it and subjoin such synonyms as come to you after reflection.

After you have made your list of sentences as varied and extensive as you can, try to substitute synonyms that will express the idea more accurately.

That'sjolly!" repeated the boy, pausing a second for a fresher or politer word, but unable to supply a synonym.

The canopied seats were very bulky and throne-like constructions, and were abandoned towards the end of the fifteenth century; and it is worthy of notice that though we have retained our word "chair," adopted from the Norman French, the French people discarded their synonym in favour of its diminutive "chaise" to describe the somewhat smaller and less massive seat which came into use in the sixteenth century.

What, then, was his astonishment when Monsieur bent down and made himself Frowenfeld's landlord, by writing what the universal mind esteemed the synonym of enterprise and activitythe name of Honoré Grandissime.

21 Verbs to Use for the Word  synonym