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37 Verbs to Use for the Word  tack

37 Verbs to Use for the Word tack

" "Yes." "Wonder what they've done?" There was no answer to this, and the sea lawyer took a new tack.

" "You mean he buckled right down to brass tacks, and that's what my boy is going to do.

And if it's true that these strangers in our country are going to be abused because they're poor,what else could I do with my money and not feel like a skunk? FEJEVARY: (trying a different tack, laughing)

It now seemed to Vasco da Gama that the time was come for making another tack, and he comforted himself very angrily, swearing that if they did not double the cape he would stand out to sea again as many times until the cape was doubled, or there should happen whatever should please God.

" "I'm not fickle, papa," said Patty, "and it's all arranged all right just as it is; but I don't want a rented house, they won't let you drive tacks in the walls, or anything like that.

This was done, and the rattling of the clew-garnet blocks announced that Diogenes was hauling down the main-tack with the strength of a giant.

He trots or breaks into short gallops, with very perceptible pauses to look up and about at landmarks, alters his tack a little, looking forward and back to steer his proper course.

You can lay to that, and long odds!" Sinclair waited, but the other changed his tack at once.

Then he sang out, "Massa Bill, is you got any hawd tack?" "Nary a hard tack; but the wagons will be along presently, and then you can get all you want," said I. "Dat's de best news I'se heerd foah sixteen long days, Massa Bill," said he.

" "Thank you, missy, do; and I'll hand you the tacks.

CHAPTER II The First Day's March Disposition of our columnThe road to Sabana GrandeThe infantrymen's burdenWayside hospitalityHard tack and reparteeInto camp and under blanketsArrival of Macomb's troopA smoke-talk.

But I didn't say nothin' about it outside and shan't, I use tack.

He backed slowly away, brushing tack the dishevelled hair from his eyes, watching them warily, every animal instinct on the alert.

A couple of barefooted boys crouched on the wet pavement by the sea-stairs, with a piece of sacking drawn over both their heads together, gnawing hard-tack, and as the rain struck the stones, it splashed up in their faces under their sack.

If the crew are too few in number, or too slow at their work, and the sails get fairly filled on the new tack, it is a fatiguing piece of work enough to "board" the tacks and sheets, as it is called.

"We've had enough excitement to-day to last a month," said Gladys, as they hastened tack to the house the second time to get the sweater and shoes.

The ship's copper was so bright that I could count every tack and seam; the rudder was lighted to its lowest pintle; and medusae, or jelly-fish, drifting past, with slow pulsations, at a depth of ten or twelve feet, looked like submerged moons.

Swiftly he turned on a new tack.

She had used it the day before to lift tacks out of a carpet.

They are used to connect one tack with another, and differ from stop or uphill turns in that the turn is made away from the hill instead of up towards the hill.

We munched hard-tack for our noonday meal, and made merry over it, talking of the day when we should go home and feast on beans and beefsteak and countless other things of which the heathen wot not.

Then he sang out, "Massa Bill, is you got any hawd tack?" "Nary a hard tack; but the wagons will be along presently, and then you can get all you want," said I. "Dat's de best news I'se heerd foah sixteen long days, Massa Bill," said he.

I removed it thoughtfully and picked out the tack before entering, and then, closing the inner door, but leaving the oak open, I lit the gas and fell to pacing the room.

"After the table and the chairs are used up, we'll provide tacks for the rest.

" Oliver walked over to the steps and pulled out the thumb tacks that held the snakeskin.

Indeed, I think that for most of us the time has gone by when we can see the fun of putting tacks on chairs, or thistles in beds, or live snakes in people's boots.

As if to divert her mind, he reproduced for her the tick-tack of the spit in the kitchen, the shrill cry of the fish-vendors, the saw of the carpenter who had a shop opposite, and when the door-bell rang, he would imitate Madame Aubain: "Fรฉlicitรฉ!

It mastheads the topsail-yards, on making sail; it starts the anchor from the domestic or foreign mud; it "rides down the main tack with a will"; it breaks out and takes on board cargo; it keeps the pumps (the ship's,not the sailor's) going.

"Long as I have followed the sea, have I never before seen a vessel tack against such a head-beating sea.

The Convent sent him hard-tack, which was for him a most delicious banquet.

On what course?" "He got he starboard tacks aboard, sir.

As this was coming nearer, instead of moving from them, the Englishmen began to start their tacks and sheets, in order to be ready.

During the prevalence of the light air mentioned, Raoul Yvard did not see fit to stir tack or sheet, as it is termed among seamen.

I can't eat this hard-tack.

As we sailed along we saw coming towards us another vessel, the Luisa, which suddenly executed a very extraordinary tack; and in a minute or two its crew sent up a loud shout of joy, having succeeded in stealing a fishbox which the fishermen of Marinduque had sunk in the sea.

The infant sat upon a banana leafbrown and naked and wonderful as possibleand Bedient knelt before him smiling happily, and feeding hard-tack that had been softened in bacon-gravy.

To see BISMARCK feeding on shrimps with anchovy sauce, and drinking champagne, while TROCHU and JULES FAVRE fight domestic treason within the walls, and the Prussians without, upon stomachs that feebly digest Parisian "hard tack" and gritty vin ordinaire, is enough to make the spirit of liberty lay over the mourner's bench and perpetrate a perfect Niagara of tears.