74 Verbs to Use for the Word takings

Does the same Bible which prohibits the taking of any thing from him, sanction the taking of every thing?

Presently legislatures began to pass statutes to confiscate, more or less completely, this kind of property, and sufferers brought their cases before the courts to have the constitutionality of the acts tested, under the provisions which existed in all state constitutions, forbidding the taking, by the public, of private property without compensation, or without due process of law.

He desires the wife of his friend, and the result is a Kuranic decree sanctioning the taking of a woman under those conditions.

The Hebrew word, Gaunab, here rendered stealeth, means the taking from another what belongs to him, whether it be by violence or fraud; the same word is used in the eighth commandment, and prohibits both robbery and theft.

At the rear and rising above the altar there is a large and somewhat imposing picture, representing the taking down of our Saviour from the cross.

I have heard of another likewise, who wrote a history of what was to happen hereafter, {47} and describes the taking of Vologesus prisoner, the murder of Osroes, and how he was to be given to a lion; and above all, our own much-to-be-wished-for triumph, as things that must come to pass.

The War Cabinet regarded the taking of Jerusalem by British Imperial troops in so important a light that orders were given to hold up correspondents' messages and any telegrams the military attachés might write until the announcement of the victory had been made to the world by a Minister in the House of Commons.

The chief situations in college which require note-taking are lectures, library reading and laboratory work.

My friend then asked me on what principle I could justify the taking of a man's life as an enemy, and yet not feel justified in telling him a lie in order to save his life and secure our liberty.

The Division, after withstanding the repeated shocks of enemy attacks at Khuweilfeh immediately following the taking of Beersheba, had had a comparatively light time watching the Hebron road.

In this state of mind, I bought me a snuffbox; for, as I could not honestly recommend my disjointed self to any decent woman, it seemed a kind of duty in me to contract such habits as would effectually prevent my taking in the lady I had once thought of.

We had been able to buy the two the mare and the cartonly because the German soldiers had not thought them worth the taking.

And so for a little space I held my peace, and listened; thus I discovered that certain of the men advocated the taking of the boatso soon as it was sufficiently repairedand making a passage through the weed to the ship, which they proposed to do by cutting a narrow canal.

I trust Miss Mitchell's retiring disposition will not lead her to oppose the taking of these steps.

As long as I have been at sea, I have never witnessed the taking of more than three whales.

I was fretting to get away, but the amenities demanded a more formal leave- taking.

A few years ago it became evident that the Kadiak bear and certain newly discovered forms of wild sheep and caribou were being destroyed by wholesale, and were actually threatened with extermination, and through the efforts of the Club, strongly backed by the Biological Survey of the Department of Agriculture, a bill was passed regulating the taking of Alaska large game, and especially the exportation of heads, horns, and hides.

Tandakora, the Ojibway, had rejoiced because he had expected a great taking of scalps, but the purer spirit of the Onondaga soared into the heights because he had saved his comrade of a thousand dangers.

As connected with this subject, provisions to facilitate the taking of bail upon processes out of the courts of the United States and a supplementary definition of offenses against the Constitution and laws of the Union and of the punishment for such offenses will, it is presumed, be found worthy of particular attention.

At that particular time besides attending to the ordinary run of business he finished the taking of the census, in which he was called Princeps Senatus, as had been deemed proper under the real democracy.

Were we to forget the taking of Dantzic and Thorn?

Writing is a form of expression and is one thing that gives value to note-taking and examinations.

Some of the fundamental principles or rules which govern the taking of evidence and the weighing of testimony may properly appear here.

"When it was not in their power to hinder the taking of the whole."Dr.

His oaths are so brittle that not one in twenty of them will hold the taking, but fly as soon as they are out.

74 Verbs to Use for the Word  takings
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