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301 Verbs to Use for the Word talker

She was very clever, very original, had known all sorts of people, and it was most interesting to hear her talk about King Louis Philippe's court, the Spanish marriages, the death of the Duc d'Orleans, the Coup d'Etat of Louis Napoleon, etc.

I shall explore below before having a talk with them.

he cried, "I am fain to bide awhile and hold talk with one Beltane, who styleth himselfDuke of Pentavalon.

" Mary was giving a talk at one of the churches.

" "I am running this game, and I want no talk from you, sir," said Boulder.

It was sometimes hard for her to say the right English words, but the Holy Spirit helped her, and the people remembered her talks and gave generously for the work in Africa..

Mrs. Freeman, wife of one of the English secretaries, told W. that Queen Victoria had so enjoyed her talk with him"quite as if I were talking with one of my own ministers."

ANTONELLI, with a "Pax vobiscum" got the two contending powers quieted down; and, after a proper salutation from me, we began our talk.

They liked her talk.

" "No, hang it, don't bring boys; there's no good in boys; they stop the talk downstairs, and the ladies don't want 'em in the drawing-room.

We whet our conscience on our neighbors' faults, as sober Spartans were made by the spectacle of drunken Helots;though he who makes habitual talk about his neighbors' faults whets his conscience across the edge.

But she could not overhear their talk.

When he finished his talk, he said, "Mary, won't you speak to these people?" Mary stood up.

In these conversations, with wonderful perseverance, Major Dobbin would always manage to bring the talk round to the subject of Amelia.

"Jetson," muttered Dan, as the other midshipman came over by him, "I shall need a little talk with you at the early convenience of us both.

"Don't talk fool talk," said Lowrie.

There followed much talk of the nature of this treasure, whether it was to be sought or conveyed, bought, stolen, or ravished in fair fight.

This plan, in a great measure, realizes the advice of Lord Bacon, who says, "Read not to contradict and refute, nor to believe and take for granted, nor to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider.

But as the baby made no further sound, she too, returned to her sewing; and they sat bending their heads over their work round the table, and continued their talk.

Through it all, both Pros and Johnnie attempted to lead the talk around to some information which might be of use to them.

Though the affair was but a whim of youth, more odious than poetical, it caused some talk, and raised around the extravagant host the haze of a mystery, suggesting fantasies of irreligion and horror.

" In an instant Milly's gravity disappeared, and a little time afterwards she was laughing gleefully as she was being trotted round the stable-yard on a large bay mare; but she said to her nurse when she came in, "Major Lovell is very nice, but very funny, and I can't always understand his talk, he says such difficult things.

So, long about midnight, I 'd got ter talk with all these fellers, an' when LaGrasse went down below ter take a snooze in the cabin, we hoisted them Dutchmen on deck, flung a couple

" As for myself, I confess I shared none of these forebodings, and welcomed the chance to turn our talk to a more cheerful subject.

"You see, Harry, it's the free City College, and" "I know that free talk.

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