16 Verbs to Use for the Word tankards

"This looks like the cidre mousseux I drank at Littry," he said, and taking up his tankard tossed it off at a draught.

The place was some kind of inn, for a negro brought us two tankards of apple-jack, and tobacco pipes, and lit a foul-smelling lantern, which he set between us.

"Ay," he continued, after drinking off the tankard, and getting courage and wit at same time, "a line from the Bible is just like a rifle-shot in the hinder-end of these false gods.

"The young noodle," he said, emptying his tankard.

He filled me a great silver tankard of spiced sack, and I emptied it to the toast of "Honest Men.

This badge of servitude caused great annoyance among the people, who often wished to sit up and visit, or pass the tankard about and bid dull care begone.

Twonette had prepared a great tankard of wine and honey, with pepper and allspice to suit Yolanda's taste, and we all sat before the great blazing yule fire, as joyful and content as any six people in Christendom.

I set down my tankard, and waited with my heart in my mouth.

The Irish and Scotch, after being some time in a place, get the air of the natives; but an Englishman, in any foreign court, looks about him as if he was going to steal a tankard.

Item, for an old sword to scrape the stones before the door with; three halfpence for stitching a wooden tankard that was burst.

And she's not very handsome, and not very young; So somehow it ends with a shake of the head, And Simon he brews him a tankard instead;

So test our summer-tankards, deep draughts for thirsty men; Then fill our crystal goblets, and souse yourself again.

Like the third Alexander of Russia of later years, he could, with his powerful arms, convert a thick iron bar into a necklace, crush a pewter tankard by the pressure of a mighty hand, toss a heavy anvil into the air and catch it as another man would catch a ball, or with a wrench straighten out the stoutest horse-shoe ever forged.

Great search was made, however, and at last we found a silver tankard, on which was engraved a coat of arms.

" Aminadab had just taken up a large tankard of ale, wherewith he intended to make a clean sweep of his hearty supper down his throat; but he paused, laid down the tankard, turned pale, shook, and looked wistfully into the face of his chieftainess.

a younger member of the party exclaimed reverently, as he lifted his tankard.

16 Verbs to Use for the Word  tankards