94 Verbs to Use for the Word taxing

Haint you that man?" "You don't mean the chap who was U.S. Assessor, agin whom I heard them Wall street brokers and scalpers cussin and swearin like a lot of Rocky Mountin savages chock full of fluid pirotecknicks, because he made them pay a goverment tax?"

" "Tobacco!" repeated the commodore, drawing a long breath, as if he was just recovering the play of his lungs, "I should as soon think of laying a tax on punch.

They deny the authority of the state to impose a tax upon a Paquin gown.

Then Congress asked the States to vest in it the power to levy a tax of five per cent, on imports for a limited period, but, after waiting two years for the action of the States, less than nine concurred.

[g]Let such raise palaces, and manors buy, Collect a tax, or farm a lottery; With warbling eunuchs fill a [C]licens'd

Mr. Boudinot agreed with the general doctrines of Mr. S., but could not agree that the clause in the constitution relating to the want of power in congress to prohibit the importation of such persons as any of the States, now existing, shall think proper to admit, prior to the year 1808, and authorizing a tax or duty on such importation not exceeding ten dollars for each person, did not extend to negro slaves.

If he apprehended a poll tax on negroes, the Constitution had prevented it.

The mere passing of the Income Tax amendment did not, however, establish an income tax.

That is to say, only a public use, or at least a general local benefit, can justify a betterment tax.

They had no idea of separation from England, but, like John Hampden, they would resist an unlawful tax, no matter what the consequences.

W. Claude Fields, Jr. (C); 12Oct67; R419760. How to figure your income tax.

"My friend," said I, as I gracefully described an imaginary aureole about my brain factory, "you abolish the poll-tax.

The States-General, animated by a generous feeling of patriotism, "ordered a tax of eight deniers in the pound on the sale and transfer of all goods and articles of merchandise, with the exception of inheritances, which was to be payable by the vendors, of whatever rank they might be, whether ecclesiastics, nobles, or others, and also a salt tax to be levied throughout the whole kingdom of France."

The super-tax, it may be observed, occupies a position in the English system similar to that of the additional tax in the United States, serving to increase the tax upon the larger incomes in accordance with the principle of progression.

But the person occupying the property or conducting the enterprise, and paying the assessment in the first instance, is authorized and required to deduct the tax from the income as it is distributed among the persons entitled to share in it either as proprietors, landlords, creditors, or employees.

The opportunities for evasion by concealment of income are reduced to a minimum, partly because the sources of income are, in general, not easily concealed and partly because, to a considerable extent, the persons upon whom the tax is assessed are not interested in avoiding the tax.

A popular Commission, instituted for receiving the revolutionary tax at this place, held their meetings in a room hung with stripes of red and black, lighted only with sepulchral lamps; and on the desk was placed a small Guillotine, surrounded by daggers and swords.

At Warwick there were two hundred and twenty-five houses on which the king and his barons claimed tax; and nineteen houses belonged to free burgesses.

Moreover, as a result of Germany's discontent at what she rather regarded as her defeat in this Morocco affair, she in 1913 enormously increased her army and more than doubled her already heavy military tax upon her people.

The nobility, however, so violently resisted this, that the King was obliged to substitute for it a general tax, which, although it was still more productive, was less offensive in its mode of collection.

He placed a light tax on tea, just to teach Americans that they could not escape taxation altogether.

Charleston, founded; attacked; in colonial times; opposes tea tax; captured; nominating convention.

I claim for her even more merit than the pure heart of the world has accorded to her namesake who: "took the tax away, And built herself an everlasting name," by as much as her task was harder, herself more helpless, and her reward less.

The English system of assessing an income tax at the source, however, has its disadvantages.

He said he was sure we could not carry an income tax while we had a million surplus.

94 Verbs to Use for the Word  taxing