241 Verbs to Use for the Word teachers

"Louise Littellyou are Louise, aren't you?" asked the teacher.

That his country had not the ability, and mine had not the inclination, to attack the liberties of any other: so far from that, he informed them, on my authority, that we were in the habit of sending teachers abroad, to instruct other nations in the duties of religion, morals, and humanity.

Hitherto, her mother had been her only instructor in this most refined and refining of all human pleasures; but now she found an able and very ready teacher in Roger Williams: and it was a matter of astonishment to her father when he observed the rapid progress she made both in the science and the practice of music, from the time the interesting stranger undertook to give her lessons.

"Now, JOHNNY, I want you to tell your teacher, and these wicked boys, why you didn't go fishing with them last Sunday.

Father, who still continued to secretly visit home, was anxious to have his children receive as much of an education as possible, under the adverse circumstances surrounding us, and he employed a teacher, Miss Jennie Lyons, to come to our house and teach.

The quicker we could teach the teachers, the sooner they would be ready to teach others.

They would still want the wisely sympathetic teacher, not to arouse interestthat is not necessary, but to keep it alive by keeping pace with the child's natural development.

The tourist would presumably pay off the unwelcome guide, but the children cannot pay off the teacher: they can and do rebel, but docility and adaptability seem to play a large part in self-preservation.

"Good for you!" cried Lizzie, with one of her laughs, as she followed her teacher.

You know I believe in conversion; but if the Mexicans I have seen are samples of Latin America's common people, they need teachers who have the patience of Christ a good deal more than they need flaming evangelists who make a big stir and soon pass on.

It enables a teacher more readily to secure their full attention in all oral lessons, and establishes a sympathy between them.

Your father was a year or so younger than Jane, and after him came Julia, a coarse and disagreeable creature who married a music-teacher and settled in some out-of-the-way country town.

To this lady the Countess entrusted the education of her granddaughters' minds, while for their physical training she provided another teacher in the person of a clever little Parisian dancing mistress, who had set up at the West-End of London as a teacher of dancing and calisthenics, and had utterly failed to find pupils enough to pay her rent and keep her modest pot-au-feu going.

He visited many who were sick and invariably met his teachers at the proper time.

The fact that this good was in no small degree wrought in the Sabbath school, should lead the Sabbath school teacher to understand the dignity and importance of his office, the opportunities he enjoys for directing the affections of the young heart, and the necessity of a large measure of Christian attainment to qualify him for the successful discharge of so great responsibilities.

The cries of Bennie Cowan brought the teacher flying.

It furnished no substitute teachers.

The school board elects the teachers, determines the courses of study and methods of discipline, and submits recommendations and estimates for appropriations annually to the municipal council.

But the superiors of his convent prevented his forming the acquaintance of Telesio; and though the two men dwelt in the same city of Cosenza, Campanella never knew the teacher he admired so passionately.

They were about to appoint a teacher

Her presence, even if she preserve absolute silence, will probably embarrass both teacher and pupil, and although her own children may not be affected by it, it will be decidedly troublesome to the children of other mothers.

A few simple rules should guide teachers and school officials in providing proper furniture for pupils.

And yet, after assailing everything venerable, and turning his old teachers into ridicule, and creating a spirit of rationalistic inquiry among the young students of divinity, who adored him, Abélard settled back on authority in his old age, perhaps alarmed and shocked at the mischief he had done in his more brilliant years.

Linen detects its own dirtiness.' To hear the grave Dr. Samuel Johnson, 'that majestick teacher of moral and religious wisdom,' while sitting solemn in an armchair in the Isle of Sky, talk, ex cathedra, of his keeping a seraglio[607], and acknowledge that the supposition had often been in his thoughts, struck me so forcibly with ludicrous contrast, that I could not but laugh immoderately.

Such a practice will assist the teacher very much if he manages it with any degree of dexterity; for it will interest his pupils in the success of the school, and secure, to a very considerable extent, their co-operation in the government of it.

241 Verbs to Use for the Word  teachers
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