201 Verbs to Use for the Word teachings

Many had partly accepted their teachings, and had been evidently impressed by their message; but up to that time no real, definite converts had been made.

If we follow its teachings I think all the fret and worry will go out of our lives for good.

Miss Peabody began to teach in 1860, but eight years later, after a visit to Europe, she gave up teaching for propaganda work.

There are many stories told of how children receive teaching about the Omniscience or Omnipotence of God.

Moreover, nine people out of ten who come to church need no teaching at all.

And, in this moment, he forgot the teaching of Ambrose the Hermit, forgot all things under heaven, save the glory of her beauty, the drooping languor of her eyes and the sweet, moist tremor of her mouth.

DAVIS, ROBERT A. Directed observation and supervised teaching in secondary schools.

But I don't like your Newgatory teaching.

They were to hear his teaching, and see his miracles, and so be prepared to take his place, and carry on his work when he should return to heaven.

But a profounder student of human nature than Jeffrey has, in our own day, cited the Tale as worthy even to illustrate a memorable teaching of St. Paul.

One can understand why a Prussian minister forbade the teaching of Froebel's ideas in Prussia during the latter period of the educator's life.

The visits of different Friends, especially her uncle Joseph Gurney, who always had much influence with her, both then and during her future life, helped to confirm the good teaching of her mother in childhood.

He took up teaching for several years, spending three years in California.

His final opinion of Mohammed is, with the necessary reservations: "In so far as he brought the most beautiful teachings of the Old and the New Testament to a people which was not illuminated by one ray of faith, he may be regarded, even by those who are not Mohammedans, as a messenger of God."

Hamburger, a recognized Jewish authority in this sphere, represents the teachings of the Talmud as even more comprehensive and explicit than the Bible itself, in favor of the universal duty of truthfulness.

Our hero remembered the good teachings of his early youth; and, like the prodigal son, was willing to return to the home of his fathers.

Then too, the Nihilists, anarchists who had been working (often by throwing bombs) for the overthrow of the Czar, had spread their teachings throughout the country.

Without being made the vehicle of any set theories in philosophy or Art, without (so far as we know) "inculcating" any special moral axiom, it embodies much good teaching and suggestion with regard to music and painting, and many worthy lessons for the mind and heart.

It contains a history of a war between two rival families, or peoples, and its text includes teachings with reference to "everything that it concerned a cultivated Hindoo to know."

We cannot dwell here on his educational and moral reforms, his earnest efforts to enforce the teaching of the Koran, which was his guide in his public and private life.

During twenty years, broken by five or six imprisonments, he persisted in the effort to diffuse Unitarian teachings, and even to organize services for Unitarian worship.

Not only so, but the words of Jesus that have been preserved by the evangelists are, comparatively speaking, extremely few. Put them all together, they are less by one-half or two-thirds than the words which it will be necessary for me to use in order to set forth His teaching in this little book.

But with the exception of the action of this State and that of Georgia the important measures which actually proscribed the teaching of Negroes were enacted during the first four decades of the nineteenth century.

If we do not find them right teaching about their own day, will they not be sure to find self-chosen teachers about it themselves, who will be almost certainly the first who may come to hand, and therefore as likely as not to be bad teachers?

He was a young man from Massachusetts, fresh from Harvard, who had come West to begin his teaching that year.

201 Verbs to Use for the Word  teachings
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