169 Verbs to Use for the Word teams

Soon afterwards, mounted on the high seat of an overland stagecoach, he was driving a six-in-hand team.

"He's got a team of Esquimaux dogscalls 'em Mahlemeuts, and he's got a birch-bark canoe, and a skin kyak from the coast."

It required several men to hitch up this frisky team, as a man had to hold on to each one of the horses by the bits, while they were stringing them out.

I was unable to stop the team until they ran into the camp where we were to obtain a fresh relay, and there I succeeded in checking them.

The Olympic Committee, Stockholm, then received a letter from the Olympic Committee, New York, saying that if a game of Base Ball could be arranged for during the Olympian Games, they would bring two teams along on the Finland.

Such as we saw in the street paid no heed to us but took us doubtless for some carter and his boy who had brought corn in from the country for the Southampton packet, and were about early to lead the team home again.

On the other side of the table Mr. Medbourne was involved in a calculation of dollars and cents, with which was strangely intermingled a project for supplying the East Indies with ice, by harnessing a team of whales to the polar icebergs.

"The worst they can say is 'no,' and maybe we can hire a team to drive to Rockford, if they can't keep us.

The College Football Club had met a New York team in the yearly contest, which was looked forward to as one of the events in the athletic world, and Reginald had been foremost among the leaders of the play.

Many a time when he had gone quietly to the stable and taken out his team without as much as causing a dog to bark, removing his sleigh bells to further cover his movements, and stealing out of town like an absconding bank-teller, to make a call, returning the same way, still under cover of night, and flattering himself that he had fooled her this time, she would be waiting for him, and timed her call to the exact minute.

What we then met were a couple of carts filled with coal, and as we never recollected having seen any such peculiar teams as they were drawn by, we concluded they were "Ossalois," and "peculiar" to the valley.

A quarter of a mile beyond the town they came to a sort of lane running at right angles with the turnpike, and down this lane old Hucks turned his team.

Two of them, George Weaver and Morris Rath, started the season with Chicago and the third, Baker Borton, joined the team late in the summer.

She turned out a little right by the band-stand, and pa run his team right inside her chariot and caught her wheel, and when he yelled to his team, her cart, team, and all were thrown right into the band, which scattered over the backs of the seats.

At noon the stable yard presented a lively appearance as the "boys" unhitched their steaming teams and led them to the long, straggling straw-roofed stables.

David cheers the team.

Flockley made some bad errors during the first game played, and was lectured so severely that he left the team in disgust, and Songbird Powell was put in his place.

In fielding the team was much stronger and the success of the infield, combined with some excellent outfield work now and then, frequently held the team up in close battles, but when the pitchers faltered on the path the fielders were not able to bear the force of the attack.

Frank knew that he stood well with Old Put, who was to manage the freshman team in the spring.

Now, I’ve saved up a good cheque, I mean to buy a team, And when I get a wife, boys, I’ll be all-serene For calling at the depôt.

To the boys of the college 'twas Allingford spoke: "When we play the Town team there are heads to be broke; So let ten veteran players come now follow me, And fight for the honour of ancient Ronleigh.

Snyder was in the act of starting his team, when Milton Elliot, driving Reed's oxen, with Eddy's in the lead, also started.

"And the Army will beat more college teams this year than usual.

Mrs. Switzer threw her apron over her head and ran out to the pump, where Bill was watering his three-horse team.

I then asked William Sampson, who was a member of the missionary's church, if he would, even then, unload his team and wait till things were more quiet; to which he replied that he would not.

169 Verbs to Use for the Word  teams