33 Verbs to Use for the Word technique

However one has to master the techniques and follow all the procedures and requirements very carefully.

The art of conversation, and how to apply its technique.

Pinero has improved its technique; Shaw has given it remarkable conversational brilliancy; Barrie has brought to it fancy and humor and sweetness; Galsworthy has used it to present social problems; Phillips has tried to restore to it the Elizabethan poetic spirit.

Artists developed the technique of the vanishing point and with it the ability to paint three-dimensional representations on two-dimensional surfaces.

On the other hand, the famous bronze vessels are more of southern type, and reveal an advanced technique that has scarcely been excelled since.

She soon acquired the technique of her master and painted much as he did, but with less minute detail, finer color, and far more sentiment.

Creative hands; an introduction to craft techniques, by Doris Cox & Barbara Warren Weismann.

In 1910, Burrows, employing the technique of Harrison, obtained results similar to his with fragments of embryonic chickens.

For works claimed by James Hammond Black SEE Black, Irma S. BLACK, MARY E. Key to weaving; a textbook of handweaving techniques and pattern drafts for the beginning weaver.

A Concise outline of Recovery's self help techniques, and others.

It was from this group, not from Homer or Ennius, that Vergil learned his verse-technique.

Paper had meanwhile been invented in the second century B.C., by perfecting the techniques of making bark-cloth and felt.

Verse and prose technique, a study in rhythm and tone color.

Leon H. Warren (A); 6Feb67; R403207. WARREN, STAFFORD L. Fever therapy technique.

Tactfully, Peter Quick Banta proceeded to expound for my benefit the technique of the drawing, giving the youngster time to recover before the inevitable questioning began.

Mitchell recherchât une célébrité publique et scientifique, avec le seul but de remplir une forme tout-à-fait technique.

I bought my fashionable practise at the cost of knowing it was I who taught young Commodus the technique of wickedness by revealing to him all its sinuosities and how, and why, it floods a man's mind.

I have known two or three novices who, though they had never even seen Skis before, by dint of studying the technique in theory before they came out, were able immediately to apply it in practice.

TV commercials have honed this storytelling technique into the perfect 30-second package.

There are also samples illustrating the technique of pietra dura, and the tools used by native workmen.

A Pastel has no business to imitate the technique of any other medium.

But, to hear these things, it is not necessary, as the saying is, "to bestride technique."

Some of these men introduced new techniques from the old provinces of China into the "colonial" areas and set up dye factories, textile factories, etc., in the new towns of the south.

Even spiritualism apes the technique of the physicist.

Diaz had come to the front in a generation of pianists who had lifted technique to a plane of which neither Liszt nor Rubinstein dreamed.

33 Verbs to Use for the Word  technique