83 Verbs to Use for the Word telling

We have gold mines here in Californy and Nevada and all them States; and we hear of gold mines in Mexico and Australia, too, but did you ever hear tell of gold mines in Europe?

Marcos needed no telling of all that lay behind Leon's scared silence; for his father had brought him up in an atmosphere of plain language and wide views of mankind.

We've sailed together off and on ever since we took to the sea; we've gone through some nasty scrapes together, and done things that don't bear telling, and always shared the thick and the thin of everything.

I've hearn tell of elephants gittin' crazy and breakin' loose from their keepers, or killin' them, and makin' a general smash of whatever comes in their way.

" Never had a narrator a more excitingly interesting story to tell, and never did narrator enjoy the telling more than Tom on this occasion; but though his hearers hung upon his words, these words were full of bitterness to them; and when at the close he flung his head back and said, "Isn't it the greatest fun?"

On the day on which we began German we began reading Schiller's "Wilhelm Tell," and the verbs given to us to copy out were those that had occurred in the reading.

And then her three hours' work at night, Alas! 'twas hardly worth the telling, It would not pay for candle-light.

"But mind. Leave the telling of it to me.

There is still time to prevent my telling all that I know about you.'

But the gravest difficulty, and perhaps the most important, in poetry meant solely for recitation, is the difficulty of achieving verbal beauty, or rather of making verbal beauty tell.

And, indeed, as you do know, naught had come plain unto me, for she was so utter weak that she had no power of her brain-elements to send the Word afar or the tellings of her spirit.

But the old man insisted that he had said it for Byrne's good; and went on to tell how, when he got a letter telling of Byrne's engagement to the girl, he wrote him the same advice.

It would humiliate me to tell youto tell even youwhat passed between us.

But though there was this, that brought a little regret to us, there would be, time and again, some new thing that one told, that the other knew and could finish the telling of, to the gladness and amazement of both.

I never 'eard tell of a farm 'and with a pink rose in 'is shirt before.

But, sweet Eurymine, make some report Why thou departedst from my father's court, And how this straunge mishap to thee befell: Let me entreat thou wouldst the processe tell.

During 1915 for the first time investigations of various sorts and analyses of news, reports and various kinds of data were made to furnish a telling and convincing array of facts, figures, data and information particularly fitted for suffrage workers.

The master workman of the bower was known Through fairy-lands, and built for Oberon; Who twining leaves with such proportion drew, 80 They rose by measure, and by rule they grew; No mortal tongue can half the beauty tell; For none but hands divine could work so well.

'I wish to goodness I could.' 'Scoot hame an' tell yer mither,

Those who heard the telling, as I did not, were fond of quoting its odd phrases, and of describing how D'ri would thrust and parry with his jack-knife in the story of the bouts.

"Fore we knowed who done it, de sheriff an some more men jump down from de loft, where dey bean hidin an tell us quit hollerin an doan be scairt.

They called him a pioneer, one who had added to the Empire, they hinted at a public funeraland they all discreetly ascribed telling upon a weak heart.

Speak, I pray thee, Floribel, Speak to thy mother; do but whisper 'aye'; Well, well, I will not press her; I am sure She has the welcome news of some good fortune, And hoards the telling till her father comes; ...

When you run him off, I draw'd on him, and he'd a been a gone sucker ef't hadn' been fer yore makin' me promise t'other day to hold on tell I'd talked weth you.

Sometimes she would let us bring her, from under the sofa, her gorgeous prints, illustrating "Wilhelm Tell," and would repeat the text relating to the scenes as we examined each picture with eager interest.

83 Verbs to Use for the Word  telling