71 Verbs to Use for the Word tender

In prayer his Father ours to call: With confidence in need, We to our Father speed: Of his own Son the language dear Intenerates the Father's ear. makes tender.

"The Commissioners of H.M. Works, &c., are prepared to receive tenders for the supply of: (a) Floor polish during a period of six or 12 months from 1st August, 1917.

Wild Bill galloped up and instead of finding the stock-tender ready for him with a fresh horse, he discovered him lying across the stable door with the blood oozing from a bullet-hole in his head.

Be pleased to accept this humble tender of our duties, and till we faile in our obedience to all your Commands, vouchsafe, we may be knowne by the Cognizance and Character of MY LORD, Your Honours most bounden John Lowin Richard Robinson Eyloerd Swanston Hugh Clearke Stephen Hammerton Joseph Taylor Robert Benfeild Thomas Pollard William Allen Theophilus Byrd.

But ever and anon as they paced along together thus, Sir Benedict must needs lift his head to gaze upon my Beltane, and his grim lips curved to smile infinite tender, and in his eyes was growing wonder.

Very desirable was the lady; passing tender of body, and sweet of vesture, coiffed and fretted with gold.

My conscience feels tender, and though not always equally happy, I find prayer sweet, and the Bible my delightful study.

He declined the tender of a commission as major-general, with the emoluments, and stipulated, on the contrary, for leave to serve without reward, and even without a command, until he should have made a title to it by actual achievements.

They hurried him on board the tender, lying off Cat-down; and immediately draughted him to a small frigate, which was to sail the next morning, as part of a convoy to some Indian ships.

When government makes the paper dollar note a "legal tender."

The custom with the express riders, when within half a mile of a station, was either to begin shouting or blowing a horn in order to notify the stock tender of his approach, and to have a fresh horse already saddled for him on his arrival, so that he could go right on without a moment's delay.

The Constitution prohibits the States from making anything but gold and silver a tender in the payment of debts, and thus secures to every citizen a right to demand payment in the legal currency.

Mrs. Haywood, however, was too warm-blooded a creature to put aside the interests of the heart for the sake of a barbarous Gothic brawl, and too experienced a writer not to know that her greatest forte lay in painting the tender rather than the sterner passions.

Scrape all the inside out with a spoon, put in saucepan together with two onions, a tablespoon of butter, one pint of water; let this boil for a little while; strain, place back on stove, pour into this one-half pound of rice, let it cook tender; add salt, pepper, a tablespoon of butter and a little grated cheese.

There's something about counting out the actual legal tender on the spot that keeps a woman from really wanting a lot of things which she thinks she wants.

The further it doth downward tend, The higher up it doth ascend; If it go down to utmost nought, It shall return with that it sought.

These added sums are to be likewise embraced in the Steward's order, and paid at the same rate as the substance of the bill, and should you embrace this compassionate tender, in the brief period of sixteen weeks you will be at the end of this indebtedness.

The books of the Bramble are to be closed, and she is to be considered as no longer in commission; and you are here by authorised, after being joined by her and by the Castlereagh, to enter ten supernumerary seaman for wages and victuals in the Rattlesnake (making her total complement 190) to enable you effectively to man the said two tenders.

"Come on and find out!" As they reached the front of the piers, down at the edge of a landing stage they espied a little steam tender.

She would surely excite a tender, protecting, cherishing affection.

" Then he wheeled about once more, facing the chief water tender.

Dem snakes was fat an' tender, an' fried jes lak chicken.

When the train, which proved to be a long string of empty, open box cars, pulled southward, after having filled its engine's tender at the water tank, Slippery and Joe had safely stowed themselves away in one of the "empties" and were soon rolling on towards Chicago, and had become a most contented pair of hobo-partners.

Her interested gaze followed the camp tender as it swung around the wharf-end, and so her roaming eyes were led to another craft drawing near.

[Footnote 2: 'as so I am informed, and that by way of caution,'] [Footnote 3: making it, 'the poor phrase' tenders, gallop wildly aboutas one might roam a horse; larking it.]

71 Verbs to Use for the Word  tender