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8 Verbs to Use for the Word « terme »

8 Verbs to Use for the Word « terme »

  • Cambon a proposé que ces Puissances donnent à Vienne un conseil dans les termes suivants: «S'abstenir de tout acte qui pourrait
  • Le Gérant du Département Politique, qui assistait à l'entretien, demanda à l'Ambassadeur s'il fallait considérer l'action autrichienne comme un ultimatumen d'autres termes, si, dans le cas la Serbie ne se soumettrait pas entièrement aux demandes autrichiennes, les hostilités étaient inévitables?
  • And thanne thei asked him, whi he was so proud and so fierce and so besy, for to putten alle the world undre his subieccioun, righte as thou were a god; and hast no terme of this lif, neither day ne hour; and wylnest to have alle the world at thi commandement, that schalle leve the with outen fayle, or thou leve it.
  • I cry your worship mercy, you sold him land the last terme; I had forgott that.
  • Some frends of myne lost a great deale of land the last terme, and for ought I know tis never like to be recover'd.
  • Thus I the time with expectation spend, And faine my griefe with chaunges to beguile, That further seemes his terme still to extend, And maketh every minute seem a myle.
  • One passage is worth transcribing 'Among all other lessons, this should first be learned, that we never affect any straunge ynkhorne termes, but to speake as is commonly received, neither seeking to be over fine, nor yet being over carelesse, using our speeche as most men doe, and ordering our wittes as the fewest have done.
  • daies before their departure they are all satisfied: also they may haue Rubies in paiment, but they make no accompt of them: and they that will winter there for another yere, it is needfull that they be aduertized, that in the sale of their goods, they specifie in their bargaine, the terme of two or 3.

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