45 Verbs to Use for the Word thesis

(Harvard honors thesis in English, no.7)

In order to prove this thesis in due form, we begin at the beginning, and show how the marriage of Antonin Mairaut and Julie Dupont is brought about by the dishonest cupidity of the parents on both sides.

In an address at the Sorbonne he supported the thesis that "well-timed reform alone averts revolution.

It is due to my father to say that he denied having intended to affirm that women should be excluded, any more than men under the age of forty, concerning whom he maintained in the very next paragraph an exactly similar thesis.

~Sour Valentines.~ To-morrow is the day for valentines; Then let me leave my thesis for a space, Lower the lamplight on these weary lines, And dream a little in the shadowed place.

I have written a book (which will never see the light now) and I sent an abstract of it to Rome, giving my main thesis.

Now, at length, exclaimed the Jeffersonian in triumph, you admit our thesis.

They were above arguing that outworn thesis.

Thus we possess special presentations of German literature considered from the standpoint of its antique elements, and also from that of its Christian elements, and we could in the same way present theses which would show its development from the standpoint of the Romance or of the English influence.

Perhaps Professor Boyd-Dawkins, who credits the "dryopithecus" with these productions, is a more consistent evolutionist; but at present Mr. Laing is defending a thesis as to man's antiquity.

In studying the thesis, I conceived it to point directly to the African Slave Trade, and more particularly as I knew that Dr. Peckard, in the sermon which I have mentioned, had pronounced so warmly against it.

Dr. W.A. Johnston, in an article in the American Anthropologist, 1901, has marshalled a number of available facts, to sustain his thesis that Darwin was a victim of neurasthenia.

How will you demonstrate that thesis now? HOHENZOLL.

Hughes, who was at bottom in good faith, developed the thesis which he afterwards upheld at Paris with logical precision.

It is no part of my task to elaborate this thesis, and still less to magnify its perils.

For our purpose in elucidating the thesis in hand, however, we need cull but a few specimens, leaving the list to be completed by the reader at his leisure.

Swallow them whole, therefore, and you will be so much better for the dose that, upon finishing this thesis you will say, "Why, of course there are no other words possible!

That this "Idea" or "Reason" is the true, the eternal, the absolutely powerful essence; that it reveals itself in the world, and that in that world nothing else is revealed but this and its honor and gloryis the thesis which, as we have said, has been proved in philosophy and is here regarded as demonstrated.

Three subsequent letters developed and illustrated his thesis.

It is the doorway which rang loud three hundred years ago to the sound of Luther's hammer as he nailed up his ninety-five theses.

He is simply the instrument, endowed with a power and authority outside himself, a man who possesses one cardinal thesis which all those within his faith must accept.

In Germany, he said, the professor tells you what you are to do; he gives you a subject for investigation, he names the books you are to read, and advises you on what you are to write; you follow his advice, and produce a thesis, which gains you the degree of Doctor of Letters.

in 1509, and was twenty-eight when Luther published his theses.

Surely they don't forget that?" "I've heard a graduating class read theses, sing cantatas, and deliver sounding orations; then I've seen those same young fellows, three months later, squatting in tepees and eating with their fingers.

Kant resolves the antithesis by restricting the theses of the respective parties within their proper limits: "Make thine own perfection and the happiness of others the end of thy actions;" these are the only ends which are at the same time duties.

45 Verbs to Use for the Word  thesis