63 Verbs to Use for the Word thigh

The Colonel kept on bowing magnificently at intervals and pressing refreshment, O'Flynn slapping his thigh and reiterating, "Be the Siven!"

The kick of a horse broke his thigh, and for a year he was compelled to rest himself.

" "Then," quoth the Sheriff, smiting his thigh angrily, "yon knave is a coward as well as a rogue, and dares not show his face among good men and true.

" Here Polton, who had been, by degrees, rising to an erect posture, smote his thigh a resounding thwack and chuckled aloud, a proceeding that caused all eyes, including those of the judge, to be turned on him.

His hand was almost touching his thigh, and the bullet raised the skin of the palm just below the little finger.

The pistol went off in his pocket and shattered his thigh, and that was the end of John Hand.

"The honey-bags steal from the humble bees, And for night-tapers crop their waxen thighs.

No! rouse up the warrior to glory, and he shall return to you with honourable scars; fresh marks of valour shall cover his thigh; and then we shall renew the war-song and dance, and rehearse the story of our achievements.

" "Itit ain't that, Blutch; butbut where's it comin' from?" He struck his thigh a resounding whack.

They were dressed very much like the Roman soldiers, had morions (crested metal helmets) like them, and wore hanging straps round their thighs, but their beards were long, whereas the Roman soldiers at Jerusalem had whiskers only, and shaved their chins and upper lips.

QUARTERS AND HOCKSThe quarters cannot be too long, full, showing a second thigh, and meeting a straight hock low down, the shank bone short, and meeting shapely feet.

Black frowned the Demon, and through Rustem's heart A wild sensation ran of dire alarm; But, rousing up, his courage was revived, And wielding furiously his beaming sword, He pierced the Demon's thigh, and lopped the limb; Then both together grappled, and the cavern Shook with the contesteach, at times, prevailed; The flesh of both was torn, and streaming blood Crimsoned the earth.

He patted his right leg, where the roll of trousers bound his thigh.

" The boar's tusk had indeed grazed the king's thigh when a hand in an iron glove dashed itself against the mouth of the beast, and a knife was plunged into its shoulder.

He admonished them again, throwing the legs into the firethen, above the knees, tossing the joints into the firethe next stroke severed the thighs from the body; these were also committed to the flamesand so it may be said of the arms, head, and trunk, until all was in the fire!

The first, in an attitude which suggests the kneeling Venus, washes her thighs in a tin bath.

A neighbor of mine very lately killed a chief who had been tattooed by Aranghie, and appreciating the artist's work so highly, he skinned the chieftain's thighs, and covered his cartouch box with it!I was astonished to see with what boldness and precision Aranghie drew his designs upon the skin, and what beautiful ornaments he produced: no rule and compasses could be more exact than the lines and circles he formed.

At mass one day the gobernadorcillo of the natives was seated on a bench to the right, and, being extremely thin, happened to cross one of his legs over the other, thus adopting a nonchalant attitude, in order to expose his thighs more and display his pretty shoes.

Suddenly he gave his thigh, a resounding slap.

Does not the cutler's art supply The ornament that guards his thigh? All these, in duty to the throne, Their common obligations own.

Early the next morning he built an altar of stones in the open field; and when he had killed the fattest goat of the flock, he built a fire on the altar and laid the thighs of the goat in the flames.

de Maupin, that godhead of flowing line, that desire not "of the moth for the star," but for such perfection of hanging arm and leaned thigh as leaves passion breathless and fain of tears, is now, if I take up the book and read, weary and ragged as a spider's web, that has hung the winter through in the dusty, forgotten corner of a forgotten room.

Formerly he had carried the mail through the desert, a fine rider and brave man, but sharab had loosened the thigh in the saddle and palsied hand and eye.

Waring felt a shock that numbed his thigh.

There were many other victimsMonsieur de Péne, the editor of Paris-Journal, dangerously wounded by a ball that penetrated the thigh; Monsieur Portel, lieutenant in the Eclaireurs Franchetti, wounded in the neck and right foot; Monsieur Bernard, a merchant, killed; Monsieur Giraud, a stockbroker, also killed.

63 Verbs to Use for the Word  thigh