13 Verbs to Use for the Word thoroughbred

"Most girls would not know a thoroughbred from a draught horse.

And even to us, who never chased the fox nor ever crossed a thoroughbred, this portion of the work is not without a certain interest; for we take a species of pleasure in hearing or learning the technical terms of any art, trade, or pursuit whatsoever, and not often to American eyes comes the chance of becoming acquainted with the huntsman, the whipper-in, the ride to cover, and the eager, toilsome, dangerous chase.

Can't you see the arteries throbbing under the almost hairless skin of my templesthe transparent, bluish skin that denotes a thoroughbred?

They talked of horses, Merle displaying his new thoroughbred in the box stall, and of dogs and motor boats; and Merle and the other boy spoke in a strange jargon of their prep school, where you could smoke if you had the consent of your parents.

This side the Atlantic there was no stable of horses to be compared with that he hadsplendid English thoroughbreds, the blood of which is now in every great family of American horses.

Others import English, Irish, Australian, American and Arabian thoroughbreds.

The father and son talked horse all day and until one in the morning; for they owned fast thoroughbreds, and entered them at the Sheepshead Bay and other race-tracks.

As well race a thoroughbred against a cowpony!

But it always seems wicked to burn bread, doesn't it?' 'Not when it's weevilly,' replied the thoroughbred, after sipping the hot tea.

It has very likely occupied him the best part of his lifetime to add one five-pound note to another, money most literally earned in the sweat of his brow; and at last he lends it to a man like Frank, who has the wit to drive a carriage and ride a thoroughbred.

It was used for the purpose of selling thoroughbreds and other horses of a first-rate order, until the expiration of the lease, which was, I think, in 1865.

Riding a half-broken mustang over the winding, brush-grown moose trails of the North is not like cantering a thoroughbred along a park avenue, and a certain amount of difficulty is the rule rather than the exception; but he controlled his animal as no man of her acquaintance had ever done.

Incidentally, we wrecked some promising thoroughbreds.

13 Verbs to Use for the Word  thoroughbred