1085 Verbs to Use for the Word thought

At this, I gave up all thoughts of those prodigious Shapes above meand could only stare, frightenedly, at the tremendous structure toward which I was being conveyed so remorselessly.

Or it was the death of a friend, an illness, an accident, a disappointment, which turned the thoughts to heavenly things.

Thinking is an attempt to express infinite thoughts, affections, relations, and events, in finite terms.

He seemed to read my thoughts, and went on.

God does not think petty thoughts: He longs for grandeur for us all.

But I took no thought from one moment to another; only once it came into my mind that, if they should throw me into the river, it would spoil the papers that were in my pocket.

"I continued for some time in a sort of dreaming ecstasy; but as soon as I collected my thoughts, I began to devise some scheme by which I could again have the happiness of seeing and conversing with the lovely Veenah.

I could not bear the thought of going to my grave without having awakened an echo of sympathy, and weakly but not basely I have yielded, given them what they craved, and suffered them, since the Muses' garland is not theirs to bestow, to reward me with a mitre.

" At this neither of them made any reply at first, but looked at her; and at length the poet said that she had brought many thoughts back to his mind, and how he had himself been almost worsted when one like her came to him and gave strength to his soul.

" I answered that I used to be in the old days, before medicine and patients occupied all my thoughts.

I could see Grady and Simmonds gripping the arms of their chairs and staring at the newcomer, their mouths open; and I knew the thought that was flashing through their brains.

Up to now he had entertained no thought of any serious work, but the faculty talks about these courses made him think there might be worse ways of spending the week than qualifying for an Institute diploma.

The long night's rest had driven from her mind all thoughts of the statue.

" I was silent, and after a pause she went on "It is not for me to advise you; but" "Speak your thought, now and always, Eveena.

Then she sat down on a sofa, put up her feet, and began to read Rhythm to divert her thoughts.

He was really a great safety-valve, and she told him nearly every thought.

The strain on the laboring engines indicated that the men held out and Lister fixed his thoughts on his machinery.

I stammered, but my tongue refused to utter the thought which was in my heart,that there was only one pair of eyes in the whole world I cared for, and that I was looking into them at this very moment.

Húmán wished to know his name; but Rustem refused to tell him, and requested Pírán-wísah might be sent to him, to whom he would communicate his thoughts, and the secrets of his heart freely.

" "Now as to payhow mooch iss your boat worth?" I could almost follow the man's thoughts as he pondered how much he dared ask.

Still, although this cruel tyrant, to whom in thy youthful simplicity being taken by surprise thou hast yielded thy freedom, appears to have deprived thee of understanding as well as of liberty, I will put thee in mind of many things, and entreat thee to fling off and banish wicked thoughts from thy chaste bosom, to quench that unholy fire, and not to make thyself the thrall of unworthy hopes.

STOEPEL, having thought of a sweet passage for the fife, in a Chinese opera, plays it uninterruptedly for forty-five minutes.

I felt that I must fight against it; and, presently, hoping to distract my thoughts, I turned to the window, and looked up toward the North, in search of the nebulous whiteness, which, still, I believed to be the far and misty glowing of the universe we had left.

His dear mistress divined his thoughts with her usual jealous watchfulness of affection; began to forebode a time when he would escape from his home nest; and at his eager protestations to the contrary, would only sigh and shake her head, knowing that some day her predictions would come true.

A clever girl like Edith Morriston, more sensitive than to a casual observer would appear, had naturally recognized this danger and was anxious to have the man, with his, perhaps, none too scrupulous methods, held in check; and to this service Gifford was only too happy to devote himself, glad beyond measure that the opportunity had been given him by the girl who had filled his thoughts.

1085 Verbs to Use for the Word  thought