197 Verbs to Use for the Word threads

The cream wouldn't whip, but remained exasperatingly fluid; the sugar refused to "spin a thread," and obstinately crystallised itself into a hard crust; the almonds persisted in becoming a lumpy mass, instead of a smooth paste; and the gelatine, as Patty despairingly remarked, "acted like all possessed!"

Now Carleton was to pick up the threads and make what he could of the tangled skein for the next five years.

His eyes, cold and clear, now returned to the colored man; he groped for and took up the thread of the talk where he had left it.

Indeed, the thread was in a wonderful tangle about the whole machine, and it took him a long time to unwindturning the wheel backwards, so as not to break the thread.

" "Once, you know, there was a fight between a little pony and a lion, and the lion sprang against the pony and the pony put his back against a stack and bited towards the lion, and the lion rolled over and the pony jumped up, and he ran up ... and the pony turned round and the lion ..." His mother felt she had lost the thread.

Oh, how far more befitting would it have been had I never been born, or had I been carried from that luckless womb to my grave, or had I possessed a life not longer than that of the teeth sown by Cadmus, or had Atropos cut the thread of my existence at the very hour when it had begun!

But the Latin mind often follows a thread of order through what an Anglo-Saxon is apt to mistake for a mere hurricane of confused commotion.

Nay, that hand which aforetime had wielded the terrific club, and slain therewith Antæus, and dragged the hound of hell from the lower world, was now content to draw the woolen threads spun from Omphale's distaff; and the shoulders whereon had rested the pillars of the heavens, from which he had for a time freed Atlas, were now clasped in Omphale's arms, and afterward, to do her pleasure, covered with a diaphanous raiment of purple.

Here I resume the thread of my history, (though it will be but for a moment,) in order that I may follow it to its end.

"Wind my thread of life up higher, Up, through angels' hands of fire!

The spinsters and the knitters when they sit in the sun, and the young maids that weave their thread with bone, chaunt this song.

There are twenty rooms at least, piled together with such confusion of black passages and winding steps, that one might think that the owner himself must hold a thread when he visits the remoter rooms.

At the end, through the wild tangle of mad imaginings, there ran this golden thread of human affection; it gave the old man hours of peace, sometimes almost of sanity.

Your little invention for carrying a thread should be recommended to students and other isolated beings, notwithstanding their unaccountable propensity to pierce other substances than the cloth.

Let me now gather together the threads of my argumentation into the form of a connected hypothetical view of the manner in which the distribution of living and extinct animals has been brought about.

V. be discontinuous &c adj.; alternate, intermit, sputter, stop and start, hesitate. discontinue, pause, interrupt; intervene; break, break in upon, break off; interpose &c 228; break the thread, snap the thread; disconnect &c (disjoin) 44; dissever.

Where dwelt a daughter of an ancient race Deep-learned in lore, and with the gift to trace The thread of life in the dark web of fate.

" This said, she twists the thread around his ugly spindle once, 4 Snaps off the last bit of the life of that Imperial dunce.

Shall I weep, or try to tie the broken thread?

The rest of us stared at it too; and I suppose all the others were labouring as I was with the effort to find some thread of theory amid this chaos.

BROAD-THUMB (nodding, as she presses the thread with her thumb).

See her fasten the thread to the window.

Fill every shape That rises to my dream or wakes to vision; And touch the threads of every mental nerve, With all thy sacred feelings!

The great mass of the mummy cloths is of coarse texture; but the "fine linen" spoken of in the Scripture was as fine as muslin, in some instances containing more than five hundred threads to an inch, while the finest productions of the looms of India have only one hundred threads to the inch.

Indeed, the task performs itself: no toil the spinners know: Down drops the soft and silken thread as round the spindles go; Fewer than these are Tithon's years, not Nestor's life so long.

197 Verbs to Use for the Word  threads