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197 Verbs to Use for the Word  threads

197 Verbs to Use for the Word threads

The cream wouldn't whip, but remained exasperatingly fluid; the sugar refused to "spin a thread," and obstinately crystallised itself into a hard crust; the almonds persisted in becoming a lumpy mass, instead of a smooth paste; and the gelatine, as Patty despairingly remarked, "acted like all possessed!"

Now Carleton was to pick up the threads and make what he could of the tangled skein for the next five years.

His eyes, cold and clear, now returned to the colored man; he groped for and took up the thread of the talk where he had left it.

Indeed, the thread was in a wonderful tangle about the whole machine, and it took him a long time to unwindturning the wheel backwards, so as not to break the thread.

" "Once, you know, there was a fight between a little pony and a lion, and the lion sprang against the pony and the pony put his back against a stack and bited towards the lion, and the lion rolled over and the pony jumped up, and he ran up ... and the pony turned round and the lion ..." His mother felt she had lost the thread.

Oh, how far more befitting would it have been had I never been born, or had I been carried from that luckless womb to my grave, or had I possessed a life not longer than that of the teeth sown by Cadmus, or had Atropos cut the thread of my existence at the very hour when it had begun!

But the Latin mind often follows a thread of order through what an Anglo-Saxon is apt to mistake for a mere hurricane of confused commotion.

Nay, that hand which aforetime had wielded the terrific club, and slain therewith Antรฆus, and dragged the hound of hell from the lower world, was now content to draw the woolen threads spun from Omphale's distaff; and the shoulders whereon had rested the pillars of the heavens, from which he had for a time freed Atlas, were now clasped in Omphale's arms, and afterward, to do her pleasure, covered with a diaphanous raiment of purple.

Here I resume the thread of my history, (though it will be but for a moment,) in order that I may follow it to its end.

"Wind my thread of life up higher, Up, through angels' hands of fire!

The spinsters and the knitters when they sit in the sun, and the young maids that weave their thread with bone, chaunt this song.

There are twenty rooms at least, piled together with such confusion of black passages and winding steps, that one might think that the owner himself must hold a thread when he visits the remoter rooms.

At the end, through the wild tangle of mad imaginings, there ran this golden thread of human affection; it gave the old man hours of peace, sometimes almost of sanity.

Your little invention for carrying a thread should be recommended to students and other isolated beings, notwithstanding their unaccountable propensity to pierce other substances than the cloth.

Let me now gather together the threads of my argumentation into the form of a connected hypothetical view of the manner in which the distribution of living and extinct animals has been brought about.

V. be discontinuous &c adj.; alternate, intermit, sputter, stop and start, hesitate. discontinue, pause, interrupt; intervene; break, break in upon, break off; interpose &c 228; break the thread, snap the thread; disconnect &c (disjoin) 44; dissever.

Where dwelt a daughter of an ancient race Deep-learned in lore, and with the gift to trace The thread of life in the dark web of fate.

" This said, she twists the thread around his ugly spindle once, 4 Snaps off the last bit of the life of that Imperial dunce.

Shall I weep, or try to tie the broken thread?

The rest of us stared at it too; and I suppose all the others were labouring as I was with the effort to find some thread of theory amid this chaos.

BROAD-THUMB (nodding, as she presses the thread with her thumb).

See her fasten the thread to the window.

Fill every shape That rises to my dream or wakes to vision; And touch the threads of every mental nerve, With all thy sacred feelings!

The great mass of the mummy cloths is of coarse texture; but the "fine linen" spoken of in the Scripture was as fine as muslin, in some instances containing more than five hundred threads to an inch, while the finest productions of the looms of India have only one hundred threads to the inch.

Indeed, the task performs itself: no toil the spinners know: Down drops the soft and silken thread as round the spindles go; Fewer than these are Tithon's years, not Nestor's life so long.

When he reached the bridge he saw white threads of water between the timbers of the open frame.

After what had passed about the poets, it did not seem likely that Lentulus had all systems by heart; but who could say he had not seized that thread which may somewhere hang out loosely from the web of things and be the clue of unravelment?

Clotho showed her the threads, which "were thin as those spun by a spider."

When finished(the knitting)draw out the needles and bite off the thread.

HANGING-LIP (nodding, as she moistens the thread over her lip).

Well, what of it?" Cissie breathed her relief at having been given the thread of her discourse.

Mr. Thompson pulled out the same sharp pocket-knife, coarse black thread, and big-eyed needle, which he had used the previous evening, while making Frances a pair of moccasins out of his own gauntlet gloves.

He uses threads, which come from his own body.

They are millions; they crowd; they blend; they become a silver stream; they glide slowly down, leaving tiniest silver threads behind; they make of themselves a silver bank of miniature sea at the bottom of the pane; and, while they do this, other millions are set pearl-wise at the top, to crowd, blend, glide down in their turn, and overflow the miniature sea.

He drove down with Inger's goats' milk cheeses, and brought back woollen thread, a loom, shuttles and beam and all; brought back flour and provisions, more planks, and boards and nails; one day he brought home a lamp.

It took many trials before I learned how to knot my sinew thread on the point of my finger, as I saw her do.

And afterward, I found that she had made a very cunning mend of the garments, whilst that she did sit so utter long beside me to tend me; for she had gotten threads from her torn garments, and had made needles from thorns that did grow on the little bushes of the island; and the thorns did brake oft, and she then to have another, and so to persist an hundred times.

He is too picked, too spruce, too affected, too odd, as it were; too peregrinate, as I may call it; he draweth out the thread of his verbosity finer than the staple of his argument.

The last, grasps yet the brittle thread:

We went ashore and stood for a moment on the stage watching the Betty thread her course back through the traffic.

and swiftly flow, Pursue thy thread, the spindle runs below.

Frequently the village barber acts in the place of a priest and puts on the sacred thread.

They were distinguished by wearing certain threads over their right shoulders, which crossed over their breasts under their left arms, much in the way in which our priests used formerly to wear their stoles when they said mass.

The performance, like all things Oriental, like the life, the patterns, the stories, seemed to have no beginning and no end: it just went monotonously and indefatigably on till fate snipped its thread by calling us away to dinner.

She said to herself: "I'd better get the thing over before I buy the thread.

It attached a thread to the book, and let itself down by it to the bottom of the tumbler, and walked round and round the ball of eggs, apparently in great trouble.

"Ol' Chief's father, Glovotsky, him Russian," Yagorsha began again, laying down his sinew-thread a moment and accepting some of the Colonel's tobacco.

I should like to be able to recover the thread of my thoughts in that quiet grassy place, because they ran on with an equable sparkle, quite without cause or reason.

" She looked at him again and again while he spoke, and it seemed to her that she saw in him such great knowledge and tenderness as made her glad; and how he could understand the follies that men had done, and fathom what real meaning was in them, and disentangle all the threads.

His biographer informs us that Aurelian neither had himself in his wardrobe a garment composed wholly of silk, nor presented any to others, and when his own wife begged him to allow her a single shawl of purple silk, he replied,"Far be it from me to permit thread to be balanced with its weight in gold!"for a pound of gold was then the price of a pound of silk.

Then she saw from under one of the exultant tentacles upon his cheek there trickled a little thread of blood.

This, of course, accounted for the fact that the night watchman heard all that he did hear, on that memorable night, and so helped further to entangle the thread of that impenetrable mystery.

I will continue it as I have opportunity; and that so dexterously, that, if I break off twenty times, thou shalt not discern where I piece my thread.

"Now, Di," she went on, keeping the thread all this time.

An examination of the friction in screws having their threads of various forms, has led M. Poncelet to this very important conclusion, namely, that the friction in screws with square threads is to that of equal screws with triangular threads, as 2.90 to 4.78, proving a very important advantage of the former over the latter, relative to the loss of power incurred in both by friction.

Now to the left her ivory neck inclines, And leads in Paphian curves its azure lines; 115 Dark waves the fringed lid, the warm cheek glows, And the fair ear the parting locks disclose; Now to the right with airy sweep she bends, Quick join the threads, the dancing spole depends.

The best medical skill has been summoned to the aid of John Anderson, but neither art, nor skill can bind anew the broken threads of life.

At his fourth or fifth heat the porcupine smoothed itself down a little, and continuing the interrupted thread of its chatter waddled to a near-by poplar, climbed it and began to gnaw the tender bark from a limb.

One does not live among these people day after day, pleading for a welcome for unwished-for babies, standing beside tiny graves, receiving pathetic confidences from wretched fathers and helpless mothers, without facing every problem of this workaday world; they cannot all be solved, even by the wisest of us; we can only seize the end of the skein nearest to our hand, and patiently endeavor to straighten the tangled threads.

It was suddenly broken by the tailor, who clipped the thread with which he had just finished the garment, cast every thing from his hands, threw his spectacles upon his forehead, and, leaning his arms on his knees in such a manner as to form a perfect labyrinth with the limbs, he stretched his body forward so far as to lean out of the window, riveting his eyes also on the ship, which still attracted the gaze of his companion.

It would be a happiness to aid in this good work, and interweave the white and golden threads into the fate of Illinois.

" Then she looked at the branch of a tree from which were hanging several silver threads, sustaining insects with active tentacles.

Some tribes extend a thread from the house of death to the grave, carrying it in a straight line over every obstacle.

"I hope," he said, flicking a thread from her shoulder, "that you're game....

She begged the fates to lengthen the life-threads, but they said this could not be; they consented, however, to this agreement When ye shred with fatal knife His line which is the eldest of the three, Eftsoon his life may pass into the next:

They'd spin and dye the thread with some kind of indigo.

She always made the warp herself and put it in, and I had to hand her the thread as she put it through the harness.

"I knew you were my friend, and have not forgotten the gold-thread.

In "Put the things in the sewing-basket" it likely means thread, needles, and scissors.

"From clime to clime, from shore to shore, Shall thrill the magic thread; The new Prometheus steals once more The fire that wakes the dead!

Topaz whitens to a milky glassapparently decomposing, throwing out filmy threads of clear glass and bubbles of glass which break, liberating a gas (fluorine?) which, attacking the white-hot platinum, causes rings of color to appear round the specimen.

If you dip the finger into the syrup and apply it to the thumb, the tenacity of the syrup will, on separating the finger and thumb, afford a thread, which shortly breaks: this is the little thread.

Skin the oranges, remove as much of the white pith as possible without injuring the pulp of the fruit; pass a thread through the centre of each orange, dip them into the sugar, and tie them to a stick.

But there is a reel that wuz used by Bonnie Jean herself, I took holt on't tryin' to bring to my mind what emotions she had time and agin as she reeled her threads on and off, love, anxiety, ambition, fear, hopes and sorrows; how they twined and ontwined in her faithful breast as the reel turned, emotions stilled long ago, long ago.

The little starved curatethe one who tore his gloves into stripsloses his place in the second lesson, and madly plunges at three different wrong verses in succession, before he regains the thread of his narrative.

Verty sat down, and they began, to talk in the old, friendly way; and, as the evening deepened, to laugh and mention old things which they both remembereduniting thus in the dim twilight all the golden threads which bind the present to the pastgossamer, which are not visible by the glaring daylight, but are seen when the soft twilight descends on the earth.

No one with anything like an idea in his head can avoid a feeling of actual pain at this sudden, sharp crack, which paralyzes the brain, rends the thread of reflection, and murders thought.

It must be added, at the close of this investigation, that however hot and hasty Michelangelo may have been, and however readily he lent his ear to rumours, he contrived to renew the broken threads of friendship with the persons he had hurt by his irritability.

The two arrows from the weave or design to the thread and pick respectively show the connection, and it will be seen that a mark (solid) on the design represents a warp thread on the surface of the cloth, while a blank square represents a weft shot on the surface, and vice versa.

It was so many years since grain had been threshed here that grass had sprung up among the stones, quickly scorched a russet brown by the sun, resembling the long threads of a woolen carpet.

Then she would rewind the thread and ask, "Who holds my clue?" and the name of her future husband would come up from the depth of the kiln.

He took several strands of thread together, and drew them through and through a piece of cobbler's wax, then took a bristle and put it in at the end cunningly, in a way Willie couldn't quite follow; and then rolled and rolled threads and all over and over between his hand and his leather apron, till it seemed like a single dark-coloured cord.

Then the three princesses were brought out and three flies were caught: round one fly was tied a piece of white thread for the eldest princess and round the second fly a red thread for the second princess: and round the last fly a blue thread for the youngest princess.

When the feet wore out on socks and stockings, they would unravel them, save the good thread, and reknit the foot or toe or heel.

Two families (sometimes eight and ten in number) reside in one of these huts, which are mere wooden frames pinned, as it were, to the earth by a brick chimney outside, whose enormous aperture within pours down a flood of air, but little counteracted by the miserable spark of fire, which hardly sends an attenuated thread of lingering smoke up its huge throat.

But three times blessed he Whose eye and ear, of finer fibre spun, Sense the elusive thread of beauty, where The common man hath deemed that none can be.

The more vividly I recall the scene which followed, the more carefully I restore its different features, and separate the many threads of sensation which it wove into one gorgeous web, the more I despair of representing its exceeding glory.

Don't you believe it was to settle the binding the scarlet thread in the window, when the French shall come in unto the land to possess it?

but I don't sharpen my thread; I put a point upon it.

As soon as anything presses against the cells they shoot out their threads.

Not a shrednot a thread!

Her spinning-wheel was near, but it was only too plain that 'feeble was the hand, and silly the thread.'

From the one stuff of its dreams it span an endless shining thread; from the one thread it wove an endless web of visions.

The nettles of the sea spread out their stinging threads by the thousands, discharging a venom that stupefies the victim and makes him fall into their corolla.

I know not whither now I ere shall see my father: doe not you Ravish yourselfe from me, for at the worst We may dye here, Henrico; and I had rather Fall in your eye than in your absence be Dishonord; if the destinyes have not Spun out a longer thread, lets dye together.

The students, in large numbers, were there, and strengthened the threads of my discourse with frequent and generous applause; especially when I urged on the Regents of the University the duty of opening its doors to the daughters of the State.

The "Evangile des Quenouilles," which was as much believed in as Holy Writ, tells us, amongst other secrets which it contains for the advantage of the reader, that a girl wishing to know the Christian name of her future husband, has but to stretch the first thread she spins in the morning across the doorway; and that the first man who passes and touches the thread will necessarily have the same name as the man she is destined to marry.

In each case the pulling up commenced with the rise of the needle, and the tightening operation subjected the thread to all the friction of rubbing its way through both needle eye and fabric.

It is owing to these facts and from the nature of the material gathered that the paper must be considered more as a compilation than an original effort, the writer having done little else than supply the thread to bind together the accounts furnished.

The spool had gone flying round, and had swallowed up the thread incredibly fast.