79 Verbs to Use for the Word throbbing

Her heart gave a great throb when she recognized them all; and though she had been glad for the first moment to think that she had come just in time to give welcome to a little brother stepping out of earth into the better country, a shadow of trouble and pain enveloped her when she saw the others and remembered and knew.

Sure, it's a hero's mind ye show when you can find heart to make merry at a time like this!" "Yes'he jests at love who never felt a throb.'

Again the delicious feeling of being utterly in his power came over her, and she left her hand upon his heart, and blushed as she felt its passionate throbbings.

Once she called to him but he heeded not, walking ever with bowed head and hearing only the tumult within him and the throbbing of his wounded heart.

All the gibes and annoyances of the past months rushed into my mind, and set my head throbbing.

So she lay motionless and listened, fearing that the men would hear even the quick, heavy throbs of her heart.

I thought I must be going to be ill, and got out my watch and felt my pulse: it was beating furiously, about one hundred and twenty-five throbs in a minute.

"Can you do this, Tuscarora"she asked, earnestly, pressing her hand on her heart as if to quiet its throbbings.

Both hands could not hold back the throbbing of his temples; the table did not steady the trembling of his hands; his thoughts went hither and thither, heedless of his call.

He felt for her pulseher heartat first caught no answering throb, for his own heart was beating so wildly.

He found a note from the Princess Hélène Rotscheff, the famous wife of the governor, asking him to spend the following week at Fort Ross; but he was so tired that even the image of Chonita was dim; the note barely caused a throb of anticipation.

Her voice held a throb of anger.

The idea came to him that he was counting his own flickering pulse-throbs for the last time.

Oh! then, the meaning of thy gift impart, And ease the throbbings of an anxious heart.

What mattered it to her if every jewel cost a heart throb, and if the whole set were bought with the price of blood?

Into the voice there crept a throb that was almost convincing.

She had all but reached the end of the timber,I stood there to grasp her hand,when the old tree, whirled down by the torrent, struck the other end of the beam and threw Josephine forward to the bank, dashing her throbbing, panting breast, with all the force of her fall, against the hard ground.

And then what throbbing, what adoration, what supernal delight, in the moment when he faced Clara.

He would light the lamps and candles so as to flood the room with light, for he hoped that by so doing he might possibly diminish the intolerably persistent and dull throbbing of his arteries which beat under his neck with redoubled strokes.

Disarmament Conferences may or may not effect the ideal envisioned by the Victorian, a time "when the war drums throb no longer, and the battle-flags are furled in the Parliament of Man"; but the short story follows the gleam, merely by virtue of authorship and by reflecting the peoples of the earth.

Yet think not riches useless; there are purposes to which a wise man may be delighted to apply them; they may, by a rational distribution to those who want them, ease the pains of helpless disease, still the throbs of restless anxiety, relieve innocence from oppression, and raise imbecility to cheerfulness and vigour.

The city was as silent and deserted as a cemetery; there was not a human being to be seen; and as we cautiously advanced through the narrow, winding streets, the vacant houses echoed the throbbing of the motor with a racket which was positively startling.

I'll feign strange throbbings in my head and feet To anguish heras I am anguished now.

I rested my ear over his heart, detecting no murmur of response; touched the veins of his wrist, but found there no answering throb of life.

"I have no dread, And feel the curse to have no natural fear, Nor fluttering throb, that beats with hopes or wishes, Or lurking love of something on the earth" Manfred, By this time the day had materially advanced, and there were grave grounds for the uneasiness which Cuffe began so seriously to feel.

79 Verbs to Use for the Word  throbbing