24 Verbs to Use for the Word tick

At first there was silence and complete darkness, but soon after one o'clock I heard the very slight but unmistakable tick-tick, which told me that the apparition was about to appear.

It was all still and spooky and you could hear the clock ticking, and I counted the ticks.

There are nigh a thousand million walking the Earth openly at noontide; some half-hundred have vanished from it, some half-hundred have arisen in it, ere thy watch ticks once....

4. Correct the division of the following words by Rule 4th: "aw-ry,"Webster's Old Book, 52; "ath-wart,"Ib., 93; "pros-pect-ive,"Ib., 66; "pa-renth-e-sis,"Ib., 93; "res-ist-i-bil-ity,"Webster's New Book, 93; "hem-is-pher-ic,"Ib., 130; "mo-nos-tich, he-mis-tick," Walker's Dict., 8vo; Cobb, 33; "tow-ards,"Cobb, 48.

And how the trout enjoy the ticks that come from their thickly matted coats!

All the servants had to fill up their bed-ticks with fine gin cottonthe lint partfor safe keeping.

Then your Aunt Hattie's hens are so obliging that they keep me from the worry of finding ticks at shearing time.

How orderly the kitchen 'd look by night, With just a clock, But they could gag the tick, And mice won't bark;

" "We'll git tick at William's, and you can settle 'th us when you git your pay.

The clock had given only two ticks when she was upon him, but in that time she had completely changed her plan of action.

It sounded spooky, going tick, tick, tick.

The Indies of the Mazzaron desire nothing but little clocks; they like the tick.'

What makes a free-sheeter tick: Ask any good physician and he (or, as per the recent trend in MBBS graduation, she) will tell you that one's circulation must be good.

I miss the tick of the clocks, but my work is easy and I have excellent good friends.

All the year round, I let them run among the sheep, and they nab every tick they see.

They feed on the insects disturbed by the hoofs of the cattle, and often cling to them and pick off the ticks.

" Outsiders, when asked what was going on in POLLY's store, always answered with a wise look, "POLLY ticks."

A benevolent hedge-hog offered to remove the ticks, but the fox declined the kind offer on the ground that his ticks were already full of blood and had ceased to annoy him much, whereas if they were removed, a new colony of ticks would establish themselves and thus entirely drain him of blood.

Although still in his sleeping clothes, he seized his trench tick and rushed towards them.

They just stick closer'n a tick to their hoss's side, and do a heap of mighty good shootin' from under his neck, I can tell you.

We'd cut the hay and shucks up fine and stuff the ticks with them.

I'll need a day to air the feather-tick and make some pie.

"The death watch ticks in the hall of Scone, All Scotland hears its warning, King Robert in pains of death does groan, He'll never see the morning.

When asked why they went to that store, they always answered, "POLLY ticks.

24 Verbs to Use for the Word  tick