21 Verbs to Use for the Word tillers

" She resigned the glasses to me, and took over the tiller, while I had a turn at examining the coast.

Manuel held the tiller, with Estada seated beside him, leaning forward, and gesticulating with one hand, as he directed the course.

He left the tiller, with a hopeless fling of the arm.

Tommy jumped down and switched off the engine, while Joyce, resigning the tiller to me, climbed up and seated herself on the boom of the mainsail.

To quietly relinquish the tiller of a younger life is a lesson that gray hairs have to learn.

Bill cast off the bowline, the Cockney followed suit with the stern, 'Frisco Kid gave her the jib as French Pete jammed up the tiller, and the Dazzler caught the breeze, heeling over for mid-channel.

It has been said in France that King Haakon abandons tiller and compass for crown and scepter without one hour's training in politics or diplomacy.

Maso had completed his work on the forecasts, had seen that other provisions which he had ordered were duly made, and had reached the tiller, just in time to witness and to understand all that occurred.

Only anarchy has banished cultivation; for, since the Ottoman pretension was established over the land, it has been the battleground of brigand tribesKurds from the hills and Arabs from the desert, skirmishing or herding their flocks, making or breaking alliance, but always robbing any tiller of the land of the fruits of his labour.

He shifted the tiller violently, recklessly.

"That 's the way he always doesgets real good and cooks when he wants to make up," 'Frisco Kid hazarded, slipping the tiller into the rudder-head and obeying the order.

I know these waters like a book, I've sailed them ever since I was old enough to tell a tiller from a mainsheet.

'Frisco Kid cried, throwing the tiller down, and following it with his body.

Ithuel touching the tiller, the yawl glided through the opening, and felt the long ground-swell of the glorious Bay.

The discussion developed into a quarrel, in the midst of which Yellow Handkerchief unshipped the heavy tiller and sprang toward me.

Then, turning her round, he handed the tiller over to Joyce, and clambered up alongside of me on to the roof of the cabin.

She had handled the tiller of small craft, but would not have dared to bring around the Savonarola with her vast sweep of sail, even had she cared to regain the original course....

Carlo caught his niece's idea, and he kept his tiller hard a-port, telling Raoul and Ithuel, at the same time, to take in their oars as quick as possible.

In the midst of my gazing there came a shock that knocked the tiller out of my hand.

If I put the helm only so much as one stroke to starboard, she guv' a tug at the tow-rope that brought the wind dead aft again; so I've gi'n it up, and lashed the tiller right amid-ships.

He had not refused to quit his feet, but kneeling on one knee, he pressed the tiller down, lashed it, and clinging to the massive timber, faced the tempest with the steadiness of a water-god.

21 Verbs to Use for the Word  tillers