179 Verbs to Use for the Word toil

These brave men and noble women, who have shared my toils and dangers, are very dear to my heart, and when the Britons have been driven from our country, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to renew my acquaintance with them.

The soldiers, as if that moment arrived before the city, forgetting all the toils they had undergone and the disappointments they had suffered, began to raise a new mole, at which they worked incessantly.

He must be extraordinarily tough, quite hardened to the toil and diseases of the country, knowing many native tongues, largely immune from the fever that lays a white man low many marches from civilisation and hospitals, of an endurance splendid, with hope to dare the risk, and courage to endure the toil.

And his good old mate With choicest viands heaps the liberal board, To crown our triumphs, and reward our toils.

" Unceasing toil under the blazing sun, combined with the discipline of the overseers, speedily wore down Gaddo's strength, already impaired by captivity and ill-treatment.

May God Almighty attend you with his blessing, and crown your toils with success.

How bowed the woods beneath their sturdy stroke! Let not Ambition mock their useful toil, Their homely joys, and destiny obscure; Nor Grandeur hear with a disdainful smile, The short and simple annals of the poor.

,' said he, 'I've borne 30 A long, ungrateful toil without return; Let now some other manage, if he dare, The fiery steeds, and mount the burning car;

I tell lost tales of savage wars; And you have known the desert sands, The camp beneath the silver stars, The rush at dawn of Arab bands, The fruitless toil, the hopeless dream, The fainting feet, the faltering breath, While Gordon by the ancient stream Waited at ease on death.

"It would be easier to escape the toils of sin than to elude the agents of the police.

It seems at first sight therefore strange to find so reasonable a writer as John Stuart Mill declaring, "It is questionable if all the mechanical inventions yet made have lightened the day's toil of any human being."

When the Parthian and the Medan kings ascertained this, they left him to continue his idle toil,for the walls were strong and many were defending them,but assailed Statianus off his guard and wearied on the march and slew the whole detachment except Polemon, king of Pontus, who was then accompanying the expedition.

Do you not recall how many toils I underwent in the war against Cinna, though I was the veriest youth, or how many labors in Sicily and in Africa before I had quite reached the age of iuvenis, or how many dangers I encountered in Spain, while I was not as yet a senator?

But this undaunted mind that never droop'd; This forward body, form'd to suffer toil, Shall haste to Rome, where every foe shall rue The rash disgrace both of myself and you.

he asked, "and leave rude toil for others?"

Hence all natural philosophy together is not worth an hour's toil.

From conquer'd science graced with glorious spoils, He still dares on, demands sublimer toils;

When night came Solomon still remained standing in his accustomed place, and the Jinns worked on, afraid to cease their toil for a moment.

He, being at once wishful to preserve my honor in all its luster, and, at the same time, to arrange convenient times and places for our meetings, employed many ingenious stratagems, which, methinks, must have cost him much toil and trouble.

The very fame of beauty will fetch them to it many miles off (such an attractive power this loadstone hath), and they will seem but short, they will undertake any toil or trouble, long journeys.

After the first few days of grinding toil, the morale of the entire outfit began to break.

soon will end the toil This bough aside, and then the prize ...

Slow-moving and with fluttering heart, The youthful matron onward passed To where that masterpiece of art Repaid her arduous toil at last; As, gazing through a mist of tears, She realized here the dream of years.

Kurt saw under the lines and the bronze all the toil and pain and unquenchable hope that had made Olsen a type of the men who had cultivated this desert of wheat.

All seem to have been play; he enjoyed the toil exactly as a child enjoys the labour of building a house with toy bricks.

179 Verbs to Use for the Word  toil