251 Verbs to Use for the Word towering

God grant that we, who have just seen the most cunningly organized and daintily bedizened specimen of a world, which ever flaunted on the earth since men began to build their towers of Babel, collapse and crumble at a single blow, may take God's hint, that the fashion of this world passeth away.

And after many journeys wide, wearied of banishment, He sees the lofty tower in which his Moorish maid is pent.

The next forenoon I ascended the high tower (469 steps, 321 feet in height).

Upon the hob a kettle sang murmurously, and on a trivet stood a plate whereon rose a tower of toasted muffins.

Some stand firmly erect, feathered with radiant tassels down to the ground, forming slender tapering towers of shining verdure; others, with two or three specialized branches pushed out at right angles to the trunk and densely clad with tasseled sprays, take the form of beautiful ornamental crosses.

Of the minster itself little remainssome arches of the west front, now converted into private houses, and the bases of the piers which supported the central tower.

"The girl stayed for some time watching the tower, but without result.

He accordingly gave directions for raising a single tower, peculiarly formed to prevent ingress, except by permission of its inhabitants.

Jerusalem erects her stately towers, Displays her windows, and adorns her bowers;

This Norman church was greatly enlarged in the twelfth century, when the nave now destroyed was built, the tower piers were then cased in the Transitional style and the arches which carry the tower were altered.

Vast sarcophagi rose on every side, having towers and turrets that, upon the limits of the central aisle, strode forward with haughty intrusion, that ran back with mighty shadows into answering recesses.

He also shut up the sons of Bean, that laid wait for the Jews; and he sat down about them, and besieged them, and burned their towers and destroyed the men [that were in them].

I entered the tower, the place I had so loved before,and now seemed destined to atone for my love by suffering.

"Through the air sublime, Over the wilderness and o'er the plain; Till underneath them fair Jerusalem, The Holy City, lifted high her towers.

A suburb of Argelès, in the Hautes-Pyrénées, possessing a donjon tower.

Nothing saying, Beltane arose and went soft-treading from the chamber, past the blood and horror of the breach, and climbing the flanking tower beside the gate, looked to the north.

Turnworth Church is Early English, rebuilt on the exact lines of the old fabric and retaining the ancient tower.

Twice, I left the tower, and took a walk through the house; but everything was silent.

In process of time they came to resemble pyramidal towers rather than rounded domes, and were profusely ornamented with carvings.

She placed the rose on her bloodless breast, And dizzy and faint she reached the tower,

Long ailes of Oaks return'd the silver sound, 10 And amorous Echoes talk'd along the ground; Pleas'd Lichfield listen'd from her sacred bowers, Bow'd her tall groves, and shook her stately towers.

Those who bore the head had wished even to force the doors, and bring their trophy, still bleeding, into the very room where the royal family were, and were only prevented by a compromise which permitted them to parade it round their tower in triumph.

Sahwah smiled modestly as one of the old campers started a cheer for her, and turned to watch Undine Girelle, who was mounting the diving tower.

He cried to those who stood upon the wall asking why they purposed to defend the tower, since their lord was dead and his castle taken, neither could they look for succour in the realm, or from across the sea.

" The brave Gazul his lady took and kissed her with a smile; "She could not be so fair," said he, "the girl, who by her guile Brought ruin on the Trojan realm, and set its towers afire, As thou art, lady of my heart and queen of my desire.

251 Verbs to Use for the Word  towering